Backstage with Tyrande (pt.1)

I figured since one of the questions people tend to ask about Beyond the Tree is often the how, one of the things I’d be doing here is describe it, at the least over a period of time. So let’s start with the one key thing upon which Beyond the Tree pretty much hangs: characters. While the poseable characters (as opposed to non-poseable characters – funny how it still spells out as PC and NPC) are essentially just tweaked versions of the character models we know from World of Warcraft, the process to go from the base model exported from modelviewer to a poseable character with a range of facial expressions does take some work. Now, this is hardly an in-depth 3D studio tutorial – the internet is already flooding with those, and they’re generally written by people who have a far deeper understanding of the program and what it can do than my basic beginner knowledge.

That said, it might be interesting to see a few stages along the development just in case.

Starting off, one of the characters I have on the list to convert from NPC to PC is High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind who – while rarely seen – is a rather pivotal character in the Beyond the Tree setting. So, I thought I’d show a few glimpses from various stages of how the conversion works as I find the time and will to make progress. Since this is the first however, I’ll start with the model as it looks pretty much straight out of modelviewer – segmented, rough and with textures not yet associated properly. She’ll become more recognizable as time goes 😉


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