So sometimes you make mistakes

I’ve been spending part of my morning going through the entire archive of Beyond the Tree to add numbers and quotation marks to the title of every post to make it easier to keep track of which title belongs to which page when only glancing over a list of titles like, say, in an RSS feed or in the latest updates list or what have you. While not exactly the most important and earth-shattering update ever by any stretch, it addresses one of several nitpicks I’ve had but been reluctant to fix because editing page titles retroactively risks breaking the permalinks used to navigate back and forth through the archive. Noticed this morning however that in the wordpress.com built-in post editor you can edit titles and permalinks independently of oneanother, so I thought I’d get it done while I was at it.

I did two other changes too which are slightly more subtle and more of an error-correcting nature: the initial names I’d given for Chapter one and page #04 were “The Dark Strand” and “Dork Stranded” – with the benefit of hindsight and armed with the knowledge that the plot wasn’t quite developed back then (I’ll get to that) it suddenly became painfully apparent that neither title actually made sense since the antagonists are nearly all from the Twilight’s Hammer cult, not the Dark Strand cult.

Ehehe.. oops.

So I went around and changed the names to “The Twilight’s Hammer” and “Twilight’s Hammered” respectively. It’s hardly a huge, gargantulan and utterly major boo-boo that’ll force me to retcon half the world or anything and.. well, to be honest, I doubt many even noticed that the names weren’t on the mark. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It might serve as adequate proof of me sometimes trying to be too clever for my own good.

So, continuing on what I said about plot: I’ve got quite a bit of events and developments planned for the future, including two major story arcs (where we only now are starting to get our first hints that there’s something going on) and plenty of scenes and events I’d love to put in – to the point where I’ve looked at some things I can’t wait to get to and make the realization that it could easilly take something like one or two years for me to actually get there, which’s quite an overwhelming realization to make! That said, this wasn’t always the case and there was a time early on in Beyond the Tree where the whole plot kindof hovered in Limbo without any overlaying direction. Now this was all before the rather significant point in time where the european World of Warcraft community team put up a link to page #09 in their friday comic link update and Beyond the Tree essentially went public, but there’s a few starting pages there which were made without much of a sense of direction. Adding a plot didn’t actually change the events of Chapter one that much, but it did add foreshadowing and strung it together with what comes after.

If I remember to, I might put together a retrospect of Chapter one once we’re moving on to Chapter two – a few mentions on what changed, important things done and whatnot. We’ll see.

On an off note, I idly noticed that I went from three digits to two digits for the number listing on individual pages at #17, then got the third digit back for a single page around #26 and then lost it again. Lovely consistency I’ve got going there, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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