Backstage with Tyrande (pt.5)

Alright, so we have our model and it’s poseable and everything. Shiny. But there’s still those facial expressions missing, which I typically save for last out of sheer necessity. Meet the Morph modifier:

The Morph modifier basically lets you take an exact copy of your mesh, alter it in some way and then gradually morph between the base mesh and the morphed one as you please. You’re not limited to a single morph either, so you can have multiple ones each doing one little bit and combine them in all sorts of ways for all sorts of complete results. So basically, all we have to do is make one morph for every gradual expression we want. No problem, right?


*ahem* All of this here and below is really why only characters that really need to be poseable are – the ammount of work that goes into converting a character from non-poseable to poseable is by all means significant, though the result is generally worth it so long as the poses and expressions pan out. As for what all those copies of Tyrande are for, well.. let me dig up a table for it.

There’s only two new morphs compared to Hani: BiteUpperlip and Wrinklenose. Like I’ve said previously, I generally take the time to experiment with what I might possibly add to see how well it works. Now all that remains is giving it a test run!


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