Highly Disruptive Render

I’ve been curious for some time how the whole Bloom / HDR (High Dynamic Range) “next gen” look is acomplished – I know the theory behind how it works (simulated overexposure) but the practice behind it has long eluded me. I’ve been expecting some kind of surface property for it or whatever. In hindsight, that mentality is probably what kept me from realizing how to actually acomplish it.
*cough* Browsing around various forums (the wow modelviewer ones in particular, you know who you are) I found a handy description of the various layers and effects (blurs, really) in use to acomplish it. So I pretty much thought “huh. Well that’s clever.” and set ahead to give it a try myself. It’s something to be wary of of course since over-use would just make things worse.

For the record, I am perfectly aware that I just handwaved a scene that looks a few steps too compromising for comfort. It’s out of character and has nothing to do with nothing, don’t mind it. (I have nothing but respect for High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind, really!)

Moving on, a quick search on the mighty interwebs (google, thou art me faithful) informed me about the existance and purpose of Matte materials that recieve shadows but otherwise are completely see-through. The ability to use 3D-generated shadows rather than attempting to draw them for hand might just make my the task of assembling pages that much quicker over time. How nice to have something that might actually reduce the ammount of things needed to be done for once! All other shiny graphic additions only seem to consume more time, not less. 😉

Finally, I did some poking around with the Depth of Field effect in 3D studio. I’m not quite sure when I’d make good use of it yet, but I’m sure some action shots, talking heads or other various reveals might make good use of it. It seems simple enough to implement however for the times when I’d end up wanting it.

Putting together page #33 will be.. interesting.. it seems in the span of a week, I’ve added quite a bit of potential graphical elements and effects to make use of..


2 Responses to “Highly Disruptive Render”

  1. 1 Muffiny
    July 19, 2008 at 08:40

    Yay, you read the WoW Model Viewer forums! 😛

    But I do quite like the look you have achieved there. 🙂

  2. 2 Nhani
    July 19, 2008 at 09:03

    WordPress is handy like that – it’s got all these weird statistics that in many cases skirt the border of “useful” and “interesting but useless” – one of these is referrer information sooo.. when people link to me I usually get a link back to see who did. I have a habit of checking them to see what people say! I’m rather curious about what actually works and what doesn’t, and ehm.. comments so far tend not to say.

    Anyhow! The backlink to the modelviewer forums was actually quite useful since there was a few graphical tricks shown that I’m still learning as far as direct image manipulation goes. There was also someone showing quite a bit more command of 3D studio than I have (I reallywant to know that relief modelling was done on that building.. somehow I don’t think it was done manually..) so it’s offered some good opportunities both to learn and show how much I still don’t know, heh.

    With luck, future pages of Beyond the Tree will get to reflect atleast some of the knowledge gained!

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