Trials of Reinstallation

World of Warcraft has been acting up on me since the latest patch, randomly crashing at inopportune moments and all. The repair utility didn’t find any problems so in the end I decided to submit to madness and just wipe and reinstall the whole thing. Since it was ages since I did a complete wipe and remake of my user interface, it might be time for me to redo my Treehugger UI design. Again. Though this time around I feel a little more pressed for time with trying to acomplish it.

It’s funny how that is.. I know someone who can play with pretty much the default UI without any issue whatsoever. I can’t – I want all my extra bars, all my leafy graphics stolen from Warcraft 3. All that. It somehow just doesn’t feel right without the graphical additions. Funny how that goes, really. I probably should take the time to actually code my own unit frames sometime too so they work like I want them to, but I haven’t been able to bother. It’s just so much work, and any attempt haven’t really been ideal, yet. I don’t like the unit frame mods available for most part since I miss information, but I can’t figure out how exactly I want them. Ah, the perils of being design-minded.

On a flip note, I had a discussion with someone about some of the background information and construction of the Warcraft universe and came nose first into that wall again where people seem to try to adapt fantasy as science. Speaking of the Theory of Evolution or even things as DNA in the context of magical beings seems – to me – a little absurd. Much like how some people profess their characters as Atheists in a setting that by obvious empirical proof has higher beings – faith in a fantasy setting with existing gods doesn’t work at all like faith does in the real world. It never ceases to mystify me how many people seem completely unable to realize that.

I want Fan of Knives. Gief nau!


3 Responses to “Trials of Reinstallation”

  1. July 20, 2008 at 14:22

    atheism in fantasy world works just like theism in the real world…

  2. 2 Nhani
    July 20, 2008 at 14:40

    Not quite – in the real world, theism and atheism dance around the everconstant potentially minor detail that science can’t actually prove either as true. Nonobservation isn’t proof, as it were.

    By contrast, arguing for the existance of something is much easier than arguing against; much like saying there’s no other life in the universe than what is on our world – we have no empirical proof of any, but we can’t actually disprove the existance of life elsewhere until we’ve scoured every tiny bit of the universe and still found none.

    The for side only needs the smallest of proof at some minute moment in time. The against side need a continous state of nonexistance that lasts virtually forever.

    Again, by contrast, two people pointing at the sky and and arguing wether or not there’s some grand higher entity out there is – at present – a philosophical discussion without an answer. Take the same two people pointing at an apple and have them argue wether it exists or not and it just becomes an exercise in silly.

  3. July 21, 2008 at 19:50

    “it just becomes an exercise in silly”

    As I said, just like theism 😉

    Do you know those people who somehow believe this story people wrote about a jew roughly 100 years after he was dead…

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