Chapter one in retrospect

With chapter one out of the way, Beyond the Tree crosses an important milestone. While I have several chapters to go and a single chapter isn’t a single story arc, the chapter border still has purpose since every chapter generally has a certain focus or goal. The purpose with chapter one was – beyond easing in the first story arc – introducing our lead duo. The fact that we end chapter one with exposition on the first story arc only for them to reject the exposition is very telling at this point in time.

Furthermore, Chapter one was the test – wether Beyond the Tree works as a concept, wether it’s something I can and would dedicate time in and find fun to do, and wether it’d have a chance to reach its audience. Seeing the somewhat overwhelming response, I’d say the answer so far has been a resounding yes. With all that in mind, the chances that I’ll reach some of the scenes I have in mind for both the near and far off future seem greater and I might actually find myself writing a retrospect of the entire first story arc, which’d be quite something!

So what have we acomplished so far? We’ve passed through some quests Onu sends you on (Master’s Glaive and Mathystra Relics specifically), we took a small sidetrack to deal with WANTED: Murkdeep!, we rescued Therylune the dryad and dealt with Blackfathom Deeps. We also introduced the first member of our supporting cast, though it’ll be a few weeks until we see her again. Chapter one was notably quest-heavy; though there’ll still be references, chapter two is intended to move a little more on its own.

For some random (but possibly interesting) statistics, at the point of writing this, Beyond the Tree has accumulated 182’145 total views (counted per page, rather than per visitor, I think). The busiest day was the 3:rd of May with 8’699 – the day after Beyond the Tree was first linked on the european World of Warcraft webpage in community news (that update was also linked to by the Nihilum webpage somehow which drove it up further). In 34 pages (starting at #00) it has 80 regular comments (counting mine) and 615 spam comments automatically filtered by WordPress.com (Much love to Akismet, the spam protection system). Most common search engine terms used to find Beyond the Tree is, apparently, “death knight” (..?) followed by “beyond the tree” and “Beyondthetree” and then having “deathknight” after.

Chapter three is expected to start somewhere in late november. It’ll be interesting to see how well that schedule holds.


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