Beware of Plushkin!

So I’ve been fiddling about with 3D studio without really making progress in anything specific. With the heat going, work on page #35 and page #36 have been going at a crawl at best and I haven’t really felt like doing all that much. I’ll force something out before thursday somehow, so I wouldn’t worry there.

That said, it means I’ve spent plenty of time going between Modelviewer and 3D studio just fiddling with this or that idea meant for a slow-moving project about creating some sort of wallpaper or what have you for my own little minor community within World of Warcraft. There’s plenty of potential characters to include and though people tend to exclaim they like the idea, the exact details of how a character should look and what it should wear (most of my screenshot folder is of backdrops rather than characters) so that makes progress slower still.

So rather than working on a distinct layout I’ve just been doing individual renders to define what look and gear certain characters are supposed to have – not so much about what they use in-game as what is the most in tune with that particular character. Some going for Epic Up The Walls, others for Rather Plain – we’ve got a fairly scattered bunch.

This takes me to the particular render below – just fiddling around I was reminded that a certain character was supposed to have a plush moonkin named Popo which obviously isn’t possible in the game itself in any manner – the owlkin present are large, ferocious and in a constant state of mild displeasure. So taking a few hints from the Hippogryph non-combat pet, I went loose on the owlkin model and textures in an effort to make it look less angry and more fluffy and cute, one of the primary things being to make the beak and eyes much larger.

So I give you Popo the plush Owlkin and his owner.

I kindof want one myself now, he looks fluffy.


2 Responses to “Beware of Plushkin!”

  1. 1 Muffiny
    July 31, 2008 at 07:22

    Oh man, I’d love one too. xD

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