More Random Renders

I’ve been doing a bit more modelviewer kitbashing (or does that make it meshbashing?) today, just testing character designs and trying to get a feel for each individual character as they come so I have a general idea of how to use them when I can actually put all of it together. It naturally means time not spent on Beyond the Tree, but it’s simple fun for a weather that isn’t exactly forthcomming.

First off, we have a careful and methodic attempt at opening a mysteriously placed box with unknown contents. You can never be too sure when they’re locked – they might be trapped, and the smallest vibration might set them off. A good thing we have our careful experts on the scene!


Second off, we have our token wizard and his.. advisor. I’m sure Nothing ill will come out of their mutual cooperation for the good of all

And finally, a quick peice of visual proof that something is being done to quell the scores of Evil Walruses that are now invading our shorelines. They are an insidious lot, those Walrus, but they shall not prevail!

Kitbashing is simple but fun, no need to spend a lengthy ammount of time rigging a character up with a skeleton and morphs, just take a pose from modelviewer, possibly combine it with a few other poses, add some direct manual tweaking and there you go. You can make an individual scene alot quicker and can use the various poses available as inspiration rather htan comming up with everything yourself.

On the flip side, you’re limited by what Modelviewer spits out. But sometimes limits are a good thing, I find.


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