Random Render Day

So, rather than doing what I probably should be doing (which would be preparing a few things I’ll be needing for future Beyond the Tree scenes) I’ve been fiddling around more with various character arts and whatnot. I still managed to get #36 done today, but I think part of the quality suffered for it. The weather isn’t kind to me – I can’t wait for autumn at this rate.

Scripting for future Beyond the Tree pages hit a temporary wall, but I’m finally starting to get around it. Probably won’t have time to actually make any new pages until next week due to the whole ordeal taking place at Earthen Ring and what part I probably have to play in the little matter. I could be mean and say “countdown to forum drama!” but I’m not so I won’t. Oh wait, I just did. Oops. Oh well. It’s all good for the people that enjoy it of course, but I have this sense of ominous doom going around that some people don’t seem to understand the reason for. At the same time, the small community channel I’m part of has spared little time giving me nudges for actually going along with it since their response is a rather unanimous thumbs down. Ah well. I’ll learn one of these days. I hope.

So on to the rendering. First off is a few days old – the idea came to me in due to the characters involved, and the fact that fighting a simple Westfall Boar can feel a whole lot more in character than fighting the n’th Super Mighty Tremendeously Powerful Ultra Demon From The Deepest Pits of Hell for profit and giggles. Who needs the Burning Legion when you have Westfall Boars.

Besides, have you ever heard of Eredar Liver Pie?

Second off is made out of an idea that was pretty much stated with the character onset given; I jumped at it since I thought it was just such a great character image. Sometimes you’re just lucky like that – a certain pose or setting just seems to speak out about the character without really needing words to do so. It also adds fuel for further developments for group settings. And no, I don’t mean creative use of bandages. Don’t blame me, I’m innocent!

In closing, I’ve been plotting on this kind of occasional spinnoff series to have going alongside Beyond the Tree, set in the same overall realm (crossover potential!) but ditching the whole serious underlying story and just going on total weird. I’ve not decided how to best roll it out and show it however, especially since I have no idea yet wether I’ll have the time, will or imagination to make it regular.

Ah well. I suppose I’ll figure out how I want to put it up sooner or later.


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