The City is Mad

Stormwind, you’re just like a wind.
Comin’ to drag me away.
Stormwind, what can I say?
I just don’t want you to stay!

-Europe, “Stormwind”

Stormwind – the human capitol of Azeroth – and I have a peculiar relationship: I don’t like it, and it tends to respond to my presence by bringing down all manner of undesirable events on my head. I don’t like being in the city and whenever possible, I spend my time there either hidden (stealth is a wonderful thing) or on a mount going very high speeds. Whichever prevent people from noticing or catching up to me.

It doesn’t help that I to a point feel almost strongarmed into my last visit there, perhaps with guilt as the wedge.

There’s been this event kicking off on old Earthen Ring, a “World-scale player versus player roleplaying event” – personally I find the term being quite the mouthful rather telling – it’s one of those things I really wish I’d said no to. Now I can find some bouts of PvP combat interesting occasionally, but every time I’ve seen world PvP, it’s usually been an exercise in failiure. More so due to the joyful forum antics afterwards. Plenty of egos bruised, plenty of e-peens stroked. Always. And in many cases people don’t spend the slightest second even trying to hide the fact that what they’re really after is self-gratification, and yet still act with shock and indignation when they get called on it.

Eh, people.

I’m not going to say it’s been all horrible so far, a few things of the preamble have been interesting but it’s getting harder and harder to take the whole thing seriously from an in-character standpoint. Some people proving themselves, more and more visibly, to be extreme hypocrites. Some people falling, over and over, for exactly the same trickery. Come on, you can’t expect me to believe old Moonfall is the only character with an open pair of eyes and a well-grounded pinch of common sense. Really, when the first evoked response is something like “What, again?”, there’s some potential questions that might be good to raise.

I’m still trying to leave space open for being proven wrong mind you, but so far I’m very much expecting to just hold out to the end, swing around a mental hammer of “I Told You So” and then leave it at that. Old Moonfall is considered retired from this kinds of situations anyhow, she deals with more important threats than petty squabbling shoehorned in to give World of Warcraft a PvP angle. So to some degree it’s been idly amusing to see just how much people seem to want to involve her in everything even so.

Someone even wanted to interview her. A whole chamber full of councillors and they choose the one character present without any sort of official capacity who only spoke up once, and that to point out that the discussion was sliding very far off topic. What gives?

It’ll be over next week, Status Quo will be restored and many of those involved will likely go back to things like nothing ever happened. Those who abuse power will be free to abuse power again without any repercussions when all is over like noone ever saw or heard what happened. It’s a comic book reality, I think I found myself with a much too serious character to work well with it.

So, when can I expect Infinite Crisis on Infinite Earthen Rings?


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