Don’t mind me, I’m captain Snide

For the longest time, the one player class (within World of Warcraft) that I regarded with the most suspicion and the lowest expectations was actually.. Paladins. Now someone once said that was because the average paladin was clueless and quite poor at their task at the time – an analysis I can quite likely agree with – but I’ve concluded that’s far from all of it. Rather it’s an interesting bit of irony that I today found even more strange.

Considering the paladin class – as far as background and in character reasoning goes – is built around concepts like selflessness and humility, it’s struck me as very jarring how my experience with Paladins consistently made them the class with the highest percentage of completely self-centered individuals of any – both in and out of character. I recall the absurdity of seeing someone presenting himself as one of the “best paladins in the world” while utilizing the kind of attitude that’d make him one of the worst.

Uther was a good paladin where Arthas was not. Mimicing the latter while claiming the aptitude of the former doesn’t exactly show of any greater insight.

Of course, trying to be humble and selfless isn’t easy; I’m not suprised how few actually bother since to be honest it’s quite a chore. That said, it’s a bit more bothersome how many claim they bother when they obviously don’t. Like acting, roleplaying requires a fair bit of doing rather than just making claims.

It’s ironic, really. Some of the Paladins I’ve met that I thought were amongst the best and most proper paladins weren’t anything like what you might expect – they were down to earth, simple and humble people who genuinely wanted to do the right thing. They weren’t epic warriors of glory or mighty champions of all flavours of justice – just people with good hearts. By contrast, some of those who made the most noise about being great and awesome paladins actually didn’t seem like very good paladins at all to me because they failed to heed that simple thing.

Now I’m not saying all paladins with an Official Position(tm) are bad – I’ve met quite a fair bit of good people attached to the Order of the Silver Hand as of late, so I know there are good ones out there. I’m just noting an absurdity I found really.

Because! (and this is something I was told today), many of the Paladin-specific class quests actually put a whole lot of focus on being humble and selfless, givingof yourself for the good of others. So! How did people actually miss the importance of it?

Of course.. looking at some paladins, I think certain people didn’t want to be Paladins at all, they wanted to be Imperial Space Marines. Not counting the ones that want to be the Scarlet Crusade and get to do the whole evil schtick but conveniently avoiding three years of development and some of the very important reveals about the state of the Scarlet Crusade.

Naturally, Blood Elves are pretty much exempt from this since they don’t follow the holy light, they drain it. Not much different from warlocks, really.


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