I want a Hyperspace Mallet

Drama is a funny thing. Some people just swing it around like a weapon or wear it like a crown expecting everyone else to kneel and go Oh your Majesty. Someone randomly tried to push some New Drama I had no idea about down my throat today, under the premise that I knew it. The prospect of someone trying to guilt trip me by saying I had no right to pass judgement based on what I had been told when I actually hadn’t been told anything is either really sad or plain hilarious. For the record, I was passing judgement on the fact that the person in question was being pestering and bothersome even though I’d said I was busy trying to concentrate on something else.

Sad person ended up inheriting all my mounting bothers with the upcoming Le Grande Pehvehpeh event by sheer association. Further persistence can be awarded by Mr. Ignore Button and his friend Blizzard-employed GM as harrasment is against the Terms Of Service.

The whole thing with the World PvP event befuddles me. There seems to be a whole lot of varied observations on who will “win” and what that’ll actually entail. I expect atleast some people will understand that pushing Status Quo isn’t really going to work, but I have this nagging expectation that a whole lot of people will totally fail at it. Especially among the Horde. I’d like to say honestly and fairly that I’ve nothing against the Horde, but after years of hypocricy from its members, the faction at large has started to bother me. It’s kindof sad too since after WarCraft III, I actually liked the Horde. After reading the book Lord of the Clans based on the canned Warcraft adventure game staring Thrall, I actually liked the Horde alot. I had plenty of sympathy for the greenskins and their plight being caught between fel-induced bloodlust, withdrawal-based lethargy and attempts at returning to their more shamanistic and peaceful (well, sorta) roots.

Unfortunately, this situation ended up degenerating somewhat in World of Warcraft due to that while Chris Metzen, the lore god of Warcraft to whom I shalt offer hail for concocting the universe in which Beyond the Tree takes place, loves the idea of the Orcs as honourable and noble beasts burdened by a bloody past and misunderstandings, apparently plenty enough people at Blizzard prefer the Orcs as the plain Bloodthirsty, babyeating Monsters of Warcraft and Warcraft II.

To me, it’s ended up being plain as day that there’s a very distinct and visible line between Thrall’s Horde and the Old Horde, and that it’s simply due to Thrall’s sheer diplomatic genious that his Horde holds together rather than split into a million peices. But since noone seems to actually try to explain the different vantagepoints and how they can somehow coexist, we end up with a split Horde yelling “We are united!” at every turn. I’m sincerely hoping Wrath (of the Lich King) actually adds some into this, because the ammount of people who think yelling “I am Good!” at the top of their lungs will somehow absolve them from Kicking the Proverbial Dog has gone from being astounding to being annoying.

This is also why I’m sincerely shuffling my feet about including the Horde in Beyond the Tree – I have an idea for how to do it, I even have a Horde supporting cast member planned for the far off future to go with it, but I want to do it fairly and with dignity, not as a way to simply take pot shots continously. The whole Honourable and Noble but Savage Warrior thing has so much potential when combined with Hani Foonmall who solves problems by way of violence and lives by her own odd sense of honour. As a storyteller I see much potential in a plot hook where less noble Orcs try to mislead the nobler ones into ruin and devestation. But I also see I can’t tell that story without first establishing the setting sans the Horde, and I can’t tell that story fairly without getting over my own issues with the Horde at large.

I don’t expect the PvP event and the expected following Forum Drama to actually help. Quite the opposite, if anything.

In other news, I discovered that WoWwiki has a page about World of Warcraft-related webcomics so I selflessly (yeah right) added Beyond the Tree to the list. Beyond the Tree also hit 200’000 total views this night. Even if it’s per page rather than per visitor, that number blows me away. Figure I should assemble some commemorative wallpaper or whatnot for when I hit 250’000. At this rate, it won’t be more than a few weeks.

Beyond the Tree is also entering an interesting stage at this point – the first story arc has taken its first stumbling steps already and is now ready to start running the marathon. Though I’m still trying to portray it as funny, there’ll be some levels of Drama inevitably involved for a short while. Hoping it will serve to actually add depth (which’d be the intention) rather than accidentally chasing people away instead. Drama is troublesome that way – adding enough can be great, adding too much and all you acomplish is to set sail for fail.

Only two days left ’til this week is over with. With luck things can calm down and I can get back to not feeling stressed out for becoming some sort of unwilling Figurehead. I’m not even claiming Nhani Moonfall to have much of any direct official standing to throw about anymore, so why is it her people beeline for!

Mind you, I still hope i’ll come out of this event with a vastly improved disposition over now. But I expect to get many handy summaries of forum drama to just feel vindicated instead of proving wrong. Ah, the perils of cynism. I miss my optimism, I really do. I wonder where it went.


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