The doctor has left the building!

With Wrath (of the Lich King) on slow approach and with the whole gear reset, level increase and added abilities it’ll bring, the To-Do list of a rather casual player is looking fairly empty. With most people in my community spending time on various alt(ternate character)s and my own character choice for Wrath looking rather fixed, I’m stalking all manner of various things to hunt/collect for completism or amusement.

That said, I’ve temporarily almost given up on getting a Firefly pet, having slain some good 2000 fireflies at this point and still having the 1/1000 drop rate laughing at me, it’s starting to feel rather unrewarding. I still pass by and kill a hundred or so from time to time, but I’m not pursuing it with active zeal anymore for the sake of my sanity.

So, instead I’ve decided to hunt another shirt. A red one. Not that I have any particular idea what it’d fit with, yet, but it’s one more thing I’d like to collect. I expect my luck (or lack of thereof) to get in the way however.

My main concern for Wrath is and remains what my avoidance and threat output will be like. Especially since they’re still expecedly tuning both those aspects, I won’t really have an answer until I hit level 80 and have the opportunity to amass avoidance kit. In the least I’ll be keeping an eye out for appropriate gear in the 70 – 80 stretch this time (as opposed to the 60 – 70 one).

I must say the proposed change to have a sort of spellbook for vanity pets and mounts rather than items will be a real boon – it’ll free up over a 20 bag in my character bank, and that’s with more rare pets to find and collect. Seeing there’ll be new added style gear for Wrath too, I’ll very much need the storage space.

I was linked to an article on a webpage called Damn Interesting today and I’d have to agree with the name – so far I’ve found it to be damn interesting indeed. A whole tidbit of random events that are intriguing to read about. The overactive part of my brain dedicated to storing useless information quivers with glee.

In closing, I was also linked to a handy program called Synergy that lets you set up two different PC (with completely different OSes, if so desired) to work as a single computer by shifting keyboard and mouse focus from one to the other when you move the mouse to the appropriate screen edge. So essentially the significantly lower performance PC I use for browsing, messaging and DVD-playing as to not overtask my primary machine now acts as an independent part of my primary PC as far as input goes.

It even shares the clipboard and screensaver activation between them. Glee


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