Raaar, Event smash puny faith in humanity!

Well, okay. Not really.

So the grand event of mass battling and death is over, and we’re in a position to have a retrospective look at it. I’d hate to say I told you so.. okay, no. I love to say I told you so and I’ve only barely held back at swinging them onto the main organizer of the event. Good thing he and I are on fairly good terms (and he respects my input) or sparks would probably risk flying. Some people do greatly enjoy things like this, so I’d rather respect that than simply putting my foot down and going “No, it all is the Evil itself!

Wouldn’t be that fair, eh?

I’ll be honest, though. Several things went pretty potty, atleast from the Alliance side. With uncertain guidelines and communication, low attendance and our one guiding schemer that knew how everything’d go swapping around between characters to look in on all various sides.. things went fairly much pants from the start. (I’m told the Horde had a field day however). Though I guess the Horde deserves the outnumbering position due to karma (hear they’re usually outnumbered and trucked instead), bruised pride and the complete lack of playing by the rules we had certainly didn’t set my disposition all that high.

And then there was the matter of the bunch who decided to claim they’d taken High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind hostage. There’s a line where respect for the setting and the world utterly just fails, and that most certainly crossed it. It was at that point really that the battle went from In Character to Out of Character for me. Towards the end I felt exhausted, disgusted and very much peeved. The fact that the ammount of players on screen at once essentially reduced my framerate to like 1-4 frames per second didn’t help any at all.

My (nerd) rage did abate somewhat later on when things finally calmed down and status quo was recovering. I haven’t bothered checking the forums, though I’m very much guessing there’s a forum drama going on full fury, just as I’m very much guessing plenty of participants – especially the guild responsible for this supposed abduction – will magically absolve themselves of any actual repercussions of their actions while still gloating and glorifying in the gains of them.

Which is just swell, totally.

What’s more, it seems I’ll end up carrying some of the repercussions of things myself; with most or all other Night elves both sensible, reasonable and.. well.. carrying some level of reknown run off somewhere else, Nhani was the one left that ended up asked to sign the new agreement between the Alliance and the Horde in Ashenvale. Seeing how it calls for the Horde to actually get to keep the bases they have in Ashenvale forest and how it pushes for cooperation, I expect I’ll be hearing about that for quite some time. Though it’s really mostly establishing Status Quo, people can blame me directly in character. Which I don’t exactly look forward to, but oh well.

I have to say though, for all my annoyances and grievances, I had fun in some cases. And some – though far from all – of my frustrations lessened significantly after speaking with the lead Horde organizer for the event. In spite of having had something of a forum argument at some point earlier, he and I hit off fairly well, and had a rather good and fulfilling conversation. I think we both understood eachothers positions (and our characters positions) quite well, and had rather different perspectives on how the fight had gone.

Mutual understanding is a good thing though – he came across as far more honest than my perspective of most of the Horde had been from merely playing. It didn’t fix the things that were broken, but it did reassure me that not all of the Horde were self-centered buggers out for instant gratification. I can’t help but think that I’d probably actually been alot less bitter about a fair bit of things if I’d actually had people I spoke to regularely that were on the Horde side of things. Being on only alliance makes it so easy to take actions on the value of the actions themselves and observe things from there.

I’d still think plenty of people are stupid gits, of course. But I’d have other examples than them to make up my perspective of Typical Horde Behaviour.

On a totally flip note, I’ve been thinking about wether or not to soothe my broken ego by having a render of Nhani finding Tyrande in the caverns under/at the back of Splintertree. I’ve been a little hesistant since it both sounds like I’d be somehow approving of the whole adlibbed abduction subplot and because it is, to be honest, very self-gratifying. Still, thinking it over in my head, it sounds like it could make a great peice of imagery. The downside being that Nhani herself doesn’t have a poseable model, unless I steal and retool Hani’s model, and that’d still be lacking some things. There’s also the matter of the texture tweaking involved in making Nhani rather battered.

It’s something to keep in mind for rendering fun, in the least. I like making stylish and iconic images.

I actually have a pretty nifty wallpaper I did earlier today before the event started, but I’ll save that for a later update! Right now, I want to relish a little in not feeling immediately busy within World of Warcraft!


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