Holy Character Development, Batman!

The render (now renders – made two of ’em) I’ve meen mentioning are done, but I’ll save them for a later update – this one is a little too chattery and I kindof want to talk about the images rather than other things for the post they’re in. Instead, you get a picture of Nhani taking a few moments to steady herself when no one is looking. She generally prefers to hide any sign of doubt or weakness when people that look up to her is around, as to not fail them. She’s like that.

It’s funny how characters can really run away with you sometimes, how their experiences – forced or not – can change things when you least expect. I didn’t expect the grand event to change anything for me. Perhaps add a little more bitterness and annoyance on some parties and make me even more hesistant towards what can come of events of that nature – mind you it has done these things too. I feel rather vindicated about my misgivings now in retrospect, much as I expected to.

That said..

With Nhani suddenly having to rise to try to bring order to a chaotic situation when everyone else was just scattered in their small groups, with Nhani ending up signing a treaty that technically will affect the Night elven people directly and my own little self-indulgent thoughts and renders of what-ifs of Nhani getting to find and usher Tyrande off to safety – in spite of the fact that I still vehemently oppose that particular development, the hypocricy with which it’s treated in relation to past happenings and haven’t decided wether I’ll even acknowledge it in any way or not..

Still, it’s changed her. Not in a particularely visible manner, mind you; Nhani was never very visible with these things.

For one, her faith in her own title as a Priestess – in spite of being more of a Temple Knight or Retainer to the High Priestess – has risen some again; she saw people in need of guidance and she did her best to provide rather than trying to remain ‘just a warrior’ which’s on the basis she expected to fight. She’s ended up signing an official treaty between the Night elves and the Orcs, on some authority she really shouldn’t have. And, well..

My own experiments with artwork and characterization has potentially redefined the way she interacts with the High Priestess, or atleast how she sees and looks at it. It’s not like it’s anything new – I’ve been positively in love with the idea of Nhani Moonfall and Tyrande Whisperwind having something that’s the beginnings of a friendship going, albeit still using titles and family names out of respect. It’s just that now, I guess I’ve worked up the nerve to feel a bit more justified in it (especially with how so many others indulge themselves on a regular basis, but nevermind that.). After all – the only way Nhani can sign a treaty like that and not be lynched by the Temple for it is if she somehow has the backing of the High Priestess doing it.

Mind you, it actually doesn’t really change anything on the part of what Nhani tells other people – she’s has too much respect towards the High Priestess, is too private and discreet with her personal life and simply wouldn’t risk undermining the High Priestess’ authority in any manner. Likewise, she wouldn’t dream of trying to influence things – she trusts the High Priestess implicitly for one, and has enough of formality and dire events while on duty to want some time away from it. I don’t think anyone’d actually be able to tell anything.

That said, it’d make things a little more mutual than simply one-sided. Nhani would also have another thing to keep herself grounded and ever resolute in calm and reason, and.. well..

Maybe once every so often, they’d talk. As friends. Still respectful, still behind family names and titles. But still – as friends.

I’d like that, and it’d mean the world to Nhani.


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