The Silly Whine of Mine

So, I’m told the forum drama over the whole Pvp event ordeal is in full swing, and I’m told the Horde is conveniently trying to handwave or rationalize the whole Tyrande thing, rather than.. well.. you know.. stand up to the thing and accept that it may have far-reaching and long-lasting repercussions.

I’m finding that reaction rather cowardly to be honest. What, big burly Orcs and huge towering Tauren scared of their wee decisions coming back to haunt them? I thought the Horde was supposed to be.. well.. brave here.

I’d be suprised, but I could’ve foretold most of this really.

Oh, wait. I already did. Nevermind me.

I’ve been trying to avoid the drama. Not all that easy when it keeps being brought up or linked to all the time, but I really haven’t wanted to be part of it. I ended the event on a fairly good tangent, seeing my negativity both fed and justified wasn’t really the kind of aftermath I wanted on it, but I guess there was no avoiding it. I’m still keeping my own opinions here – my faith and patience in humanity is generally sunk low enough that I don’t need to add another shovel.

I’ve been working around on a render of Nhani much of today – or rather, more the render of Nhani and Tyrande. It’s soothed my wounded pride, certainly, but it hasn’t helped my lack of patience in buffoonery. The overall feel changed a little from the initial idea I had, going from.. well.. self-gratifying to very self-gratifying. Someone did nudge me though to tell me that I was in many ways justified in making it – with so many other people attempting to utilize the event to boost their own egos, I was well within my rights to do the same.

I’m not going to start pretending – or claiming – that Nhani somehow played a major or sole part affecting some rescue of the High Priestess, but for Nhani as a character, getting to do something like that would really mean the world to her.

I do wonder sometimes what Tyrande would say – if she could speak – about some of the things we players do. Would she be proud of the things Nhani has done? Would she approve of what Nhani has done? Whould she agree with Nhani signing that treaty in her absence? We can theorize, of course, but we can’t really speak for her. I’d like to think that Tyrande would approve of where Nhani Moonfall has gone so far – it’s unlikely Nhani’d actually do something if Tyrande had expressed her disapproval – but I really won’t ever know.

And I kindof wish I could.

I’ve not had the time – or rather not taken the time – to work more on Beyond the Tree yet. I figure I’ll put page / issue #37 together tomorrow. Since it’s finally starting to develop the actual plot going on rather than just setting the stage and hinting at it, I’m feeling a bit like I’m actually getting somewhere with all of it. When scripting now I’m trying to hold back a little on the dialogue per page ratio – too much dialogue makes panes really small sometimes and inhibits the visuals – I want to give the visuals a little more leeway. Larger wide and establishing shots, more space for facial expressions and body language, everything. For being 650 x 1000 pixels in size, a single page can sometimes feel really small.

Can I get some cheese now? My whine is feeling lonely ;(


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