More Mindless Self-Indulgence

Okay, so I wasn’t done. My bad.

Finding myself without power around 1 AM last night due to stormy weather, I was stuck in darkness with silence. I hate both of those. So to keep my mind occupied, my train of thought ran off with the situation I’d put into render, making it more storyesque with dialogue and all.

More mindless self-indulgence, most definitely. It was nice to write, though, and it was fun to actually make something out of whatever kind of kinship Nhani Moonfall and High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind might find, if nothing else on virtue of having similar ages and similar goals.

It’s always difficult to try to portray a canonical character however, especially an important one. Directly relating to big primary characters is often a big no-no since it presumes that your interpretation of them is better than that of anyone else. It works in direct storytelling – in Beyond the Tree I can go about handling her pretty much however I please since it’s its own setting. On Earthen Ring, in a roleplaying environment, I can’t, since if I say she did something and someone else says she did something else, we’re still in a singular context and we somehow have a setting where atleast one of us must be lying because both can’t be true.

I’d like to think I represent things well, both as far as events, world and characters go. Trying to take on someone like Tyrande Whisperwind demands a whole lot of respect. I’ve tried to do her justice, but it’s very well likely my interpretation doesn’t agree with that of others.

Nonetheless, I was.. coerced.. into posting it on the Earthen Ring forums, which has been done here. I chose to call it “Closure” since that’s what it’s about, both for me and Nhani.

Now I await the guaranteed forum drama with a wary eye on the horizon. First sign of pitchforks on the Horizon and I’ll go ask Bleen for some defensive turret emplacements.


1 Response to “More Mindless Self-Indulgence”

  1. August 16, 2008 at 21:00

    Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. keep working!

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