That trust thing

Right, so a final statement before I try to leave all of this behind me. After the good feelings I had earlier, I feel a tad betrayed by the Horde who apparently have had no intentions whatsoever to respect the world or the major characters within and just ran with their own little scheme and.. well.. simply didn’t bother with any form of humility or mutual respect.

It was to be expected, I suppose, but I can only really repeat what I said before: pathetic

Of course, I’m a tad on thin ice here since I too utilized major canon characters to my own ends, but I’d like to think I’m being a whole lot more respectful and humble about it. It’s a very careful line to walk, utilizing major NPC characters. You need to respect them, respect the setting and think through their every reaction. If you don’t do that, then what’s the point?

In some ways, roleplaying is like fan-fiction or amateur theatre. If you don’t grab your audience, then ultimately it fails. If you don’t respect the material (or make fun of it, in the case of parody) you’re working with, the end result simply isn’t good

Thinking about it, I guess I shouldn’t expect too much. If roleplaying indeed is like fan-fiction, then for every good, sensible and responsible author there’s a hundred of people without a clue who has throngs singing them endless praise and go aggressive on anyone with criticism. The Horde portion of this event sound very much like the poor fan-fiction writer archetype.

It bothers me, it really does. It probably shouldn’t, but having spent all this time arguing for mutual respect, it annoys me that people think they can trample toes in such a large scale manner. And if you can somehow publically give half a community the finger without any humility whatsoever and still pretend you have the best intentions.. well.. either you’re an idiot or a liar. It’s that simple.

I still haven’t decided entirely what to do, but at this rate, I’m sounding more and more inclined to simply reject the reality the Horde has presented and substitute it with my own. And a few people I’ve spoken to have expressed similar statements about thinking my take makes more sense. Of course.. I’m not going to presume I can or even should yell out to the heavens how old Nhani Moonfall managed to rescue High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind – that kind of handling would be just as stupid as the Horde attempt. Nhani remains Nhani – she doesn’t see herself as a hero, just as someone who does what she has to and what is needed of her. Likewise, with Nhani’s signing a treaty at the end of everything, there’s a very convenient excuse as to why she wouldn’t be hailed in any way – it really only served to make the reprimand she’d face for grossly overstepping her authority that less severe.

In the end, that’s pretty much all I can do – I’m not going to openly accept what I’d multi-targeted character violation that makes absolutely no sense to me. I’m not going to try to put together the peices of a world that totally fails to work within its own boundaries. To quote Kain and Raziel from Soul Reaver 2:
Raziel: And if events cannot be reshuffled to accommodate the change?
Kain: It is the irritant who’s expelled.
The Horde leadership for this event introduced their own little paradox. I cannot reshuffle events to accommodate their change, so I just expell the irritant – the offending parts of their would-be plot.

In the end, this is really no different than introducing the son/daughter of Tyrande and Illidan, the new crown prince of Stormwind or any similar madness. While some things can be stretched and still be done well, it requires a significantly greater effort. If you’re not willing to add that effort, then it simply fails, and spectacularely.

I will roll with things as far as I can. But since the Horde threw out any kind of respect – both for the world, its characters and the fellow roleplayer – I shall do the same in kind and substitute the things I can’t agree with with things I can.

Of course, so much for renewing my faith in the combination of the Horde and Roleplaying, or common respect for that matter.

With luck, this’ll be my last touching this particular subject. I’d really want to leave it behind me. Unfortunately, I don’t count on being lucky.


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