Beyond the Cameo

I hear the forum drama is still in full swing, and reaching proportions of Mass Silly. I’m on the wrong forum to see it, thankfully, so even my own odd snarky quip has gone mostly unnoticed. This pleases me, as I’d still like to leave it behind even if my own curiousity and stubbornness tends to try to get in the way

Did get the thursday issue of Beyond the Tree done on time. It took longer than I expected, part due to an unwillingness to focus properly, but it was quite nice to actually be working on it again. From a storytelling perspective, having a single continuity maintained by a single person is far less complicated than trying to string several continuities together. I only have to mind representing my own characters as well as the world. Okay, not so easy, but less complicated than trying to bear in mind every other player as well.

Of course, with Beyond the Tree being what it is, I have a creative license to change things when I feel appropriate. I’d like to think I try to maintain major characters properly anyway, but small-timers like Delgren the Purifier who lack significant character development within the game just gets to do whatever is needed of them.

I mixed in a cameo in #37 too, first one of a player character (excluding the main cast). Cameos are fun – it goes along well with this little game of spot that reference that I indulge myself in with Beyond the Tree. I intend to include more of them in due time, but it can be hard to spot the opportunities sometimes. Ultimately, a cameo should help – or in the very least not obstruct – the actual narrative. For all the quips, puns and references, Beyond the Tree is still a story. Not every line of dialogue must be a slave to the story, but an issue should ideally head somewhere.

I had an interesting conversation earlier about the differences and simularities between Nhani Moonfall and Hani Foonmall – it was nice to see someone spotting how much they have in common in spite of being wildly different. The simularities are – in my opinion – mostly subtle, so it’s good to know people pick up on them. I like subtleties in storytelling – a peice of dialogue can have multiple reasons behind it beyond just the obvious one.

I’ve considered picking up writing small snippets of story again, but I haven’t decided on a context for them. Yet. Nor what would actually be interesting to tell about. Plus, there’s the outstanding issue that I try to channel as much of my creativity into Beyond the Tree as I can, since it’s the one thing that’s on an actual schedule.

In closing, in hindsight with how my computer utterly choked on having too many players around at once, I’ve ordered a new graphics card and harddrive. While the pure polygon pushing powers of my current nVidia 6800 are tolerable for most part, the rediculously low 128 Megabyte of memory is not. Getting an nVidia 7900 with 512 Megabytes should help significantly. Though there’s a distinct limit to how much performance I can shake while insisting to remain on an AGP bus, doing so saves me from having to replace mainboard, CPU and possibly memory while at it. In hindsight, I might take a look what kind of memory I use and get some more of that too – It sounds like it’d be fairly cheap, really.


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