Those Iconic Nhani Moments

One of the great things about roleplaying Nhani Moonfall lies in contrasts and the bonds she sometimes forms with people. Though certainly capable a warrior, it’s her aptitude for guiding, helping and shouldering those in need that I’d think lies behind most of any sort of fame she has. There are some people who she’s all but forcibly dragged by their arm from some dark pit of depression of their own making and pulled back up on their feet.. years ago, who are fiercely loyal friends of hers to this day.

That’s not always the full extents of it however – there’s a select few people she even has more or less adopted – formally or not – as her own extended family. This, interestingly enough, actually includes a few humans – one in particular where the mother-daughter bond is very strong and just comes naturally out of both characters as they interact. They just know and care about eachother by default.

This led to a really cute scene yesterday where Nhani met her cub for the first time in quite long and then after the initial talk was out of the way, stood happily watching as her adopted daughter was helping someone else find themselves. Eventually, there was a hunt for a particular book and.. well.. this human in particular is generally shorter than the average human is. Nhani, by contrast, is taller than night elven women usually are.

The dialogue just worked. “Need to go up?”, “Please.” and it all went from there. Of course, the game doesn’t actually have any kind of animation or poses available where a night elven woman carries a human woman on her shoulders, so I made one.

(Click for Large)

It’s a bit of a sloppy kitbash in places, but I thought the image was just plain adorable. Additionally, any earlier renders of Nhani posted here so far have been of her warrior aspect, in one way or another. This is the first time here that I show her as a Priestess, and as a mother.


1 Response to “Those Iconic Nhani Moments”

  1. 1 Ishy
    August 15, 2008 at 19:28

    I think this was one of the best bits of the whole evening and I think you’ve captured their bond really well here 😀

    Let’s not leave it so long before we have them interact again <3!

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