Just finished assembling page #40 – the sunday page – and feeling a tad drained of creativity. It took more than I expected, but it’s also a wee bit off from the norm. I’ll save you from any further foreshadowing however. 😉

I did a complete reinstall yesterday after recieving some new computer parts. Still hoping to pick up the remaining things in an hour or so, so I can have my computer fully upgraded and assembled tonight. Hoping it’ll give me some added performance both in World of Warcraft and while doing 3D graphics. The added graphical memory should help 3D studio alot when just editing in the regular viewports, I’d expect. It really seems like it runs out of it at odd times. Not to mention what it might do to World of Warcraft and large crowds..

Still getting myself reaqquainted with my new install and organize everything in a logical manner. Especially with a new drive so I can phase out the smaller, older ones in due time. Re-obtaining a PDF reader program as we speak (Foxit Reader, I can recommend it) and slowly remembering what things I may or may not have forgotten to obtain. It’s nice to have a fresh install, of course, but it’s always such a hassle before everything is put in order.

I think my sound is acting up, running on default drivers. Haven’t bothered to fix it since I’m hoping to pick up a Xi-Fi today or tomorrow.

In closing, it seems 3D studio records absolute – not relative – paths, which makes me wonder why it bothered trying to use the My Documents folder structure at all if it can’t adapt to My Documents being moved elsewhere. Helping it find the textures again is easy, but the result before you do that is a tad.. well..

Atleast it shows fairly well how the model is designed. Amazing how much the textures do to give it form and shape.


2 Responses to “/flop”

  1. August 17, 2008 at 12:59

    hey how do you make the models smooth,like the fingers i don’t know how?

  2. 2 Nhani
    August 17, 2008 at 14:28

    Oh a combination between direct mesh work and the 3ds Max MeshSmooth modifier. If you look through the earlier history of this blog there’s a series called Backstage with Tyrande that goes through some of the rough steps involved in rigging up a model to be poseable. Part two and part three would be the most relevant ones in this case, I’d think.

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