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I’ve been really fired up about Nhani Moonfall lately – it’s amazing how things can bring developments you didn’t at all expect. Though it’s hardly the sole trigger, the latest stretch in all of this would be one of Earthen Ring’s in character newspaper-of-sorts publications – namely Issue 11 of The Blunderer which I thought made a really great read. It just made me grin really widely how they refer to Nhani with all manner of title and protocol while still all but calling her a traitor for the treaty she ended up signing to end the hostilities in Ashenvale forest.

To me it’s all doubly amusing since it’s both praising and humbling to have your character refered to as a proper dignitary – titles, family names and everything. It gives her place in the world, defines where she fits into it and where essentially she would be if there was no actual line between Player Characters and Non-Player Characters. The other side of it is that Nhani entered that whole conflict without any intent of driving an official position – she had just intended to be another warrior, bringing another blade to protect her people. Fate wasn’t keen on keeping her at that and before long she found herself trying to hold together what remained of the Night elven defenders until reinforcements arrived. I don’t know how many actually followed her in the end, but for awhile there people listened.

And when they needed a Night elf with enough authority to sign that treaty.. they asked me, and her.

Even in a diplomatic meeting following with a notable Night elven faction, Nhani’s reasoning and arguments were more or less accepted out of either respect or reason. The ironic thing, of course, is that Nhani actually doesn’t enjoy diplomacy all that much. She finds it a whole lot of falseties and meaning shrouded behind words. It’s funny how good she can be at it sometimes. It just comes to her naturally when she needs it somehow.

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For quite awhile now Nhani has felt a bit seperate from the world, more like a visitor than an actual part of it. That’s been changing to a point where she feels like an integral part of the world – again, because that’s how things used to be. And with all of that, any potential fate she has to look forward to in the future is starting to seem less and less the elven counterpart to a retirement home and more and more a life she would carry with her shoulders set, her head held high and .. well.. dignity.

I’ve been doing a whole lot of thinking on the whole interaction between Nhani Moonfall and High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind – in a way it’s amazing how long it’s taken me to try to develop that end seeing how Tyrande has essentially been the role model for Nhani personally for such a long time and how Nhani essentially has a fangirl complex size HUGE on the woman. It was an attempt at respect, I guess – trying not to develop a way of interacting with a very major NPC because NPCs can’t actually speak back and any response I put into Tyrande is solely my interpretation and nothing else.

Still, I can’t really see them not getting along well – they’re fairly similar in ages, both are passionate and potentially impulsive individuals who’ve had to temper their responses with responsibility and both have the capacity to care. Now while I’ve been finding it quite likely that Tyrande might recognize potential in the occasionally rather reckless Priestess Moonfall, someone else added a perspective I hadn’t actually thought of – that Tyrande might actually see Nhani as what she herself might’ve been like if she had been more free and not held to the High Priestess title.

And I keep being told by random people that Nhani comes across as far more down to earth and practical than most representatives of a faith, which are generally quite stuffy (I’m told), with a perhaps more practical, honest and direct approach to everything. Perhaps that, too, would be something Tyrande might apprechiate after being surrounded by the denizens of the Temple of the Moon.

Interestingly enough, I think both parties would be interesting in forging a friendship, or atleast the start of one. In fact, I’m quite convinced the greatest obstacle would be overcomming Nhani’s adherence to protocol before the High Priestess.

Of course, it can’t be and won’t be a public matter – Nhani is far too private a person for that anyhow. But imagining the two of them taking the opportunity to just walk and have a friendly conversation just seems right, so you’ll simply have to put up with me entertaining the notion.

In closing, I’d just like to say how it is, once more, completely awesome to have a character that’s titled Priestess yet classed rogue, and have people refer to her by the former, not the latter. Though I have to say.. if a character classed rogue can still become one of the most influential player members of the Night elven clergy.. I’m not sure what that says the most about. Her, me or her peers. I always felt I had to put in twice the effort to portray her title for the community to consider me worthy of it. It may just have paid off. 😉

Oh and it’s not pronounced “Nani”


2 Responses to “More like Nar-Hanee”

  1. 1 dékaie
    March 8, 2010 at 16:11

    how old is this post?

    anyway, what is this all about. doesnt seem to fit in to your comic, and why would she sign something that gave the horde power in ashenvale?

    anyways, always thought it was Naa-ni, with a long A, with a silent H

    • 2 Nhani
      March 8, 2010 at 16:31

      Says 14’th August 2008 up in the left corner there, so a good over one and a half years since now; four days after the Blunderer post, in fact.

      And the treaty didn’t so much give power as re-established already (by others) established status quo and ensured less immediate burning and fire. The reality of the situation was that she had a people to protect from a great deal of harm; her own pride was nowhere near as important as that. The Blunderer, of course, is obviously not in the least bit objective, and makes its own political angle very clear; I doubt it would’ve written anything less than the outright razing of not only the Warsong camp but the entirety of Orgrimmar as a victory.

      In part, that’s why I enjoyed reading it, really; how it referred to her with proper title and respect while still utterly lambasting her for the choices she made, all while second-guessing them from the safety of an arm chair.

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