A complimentary reinstallation muffin

Another reinstall, in such short time. (atleast nothing to really loose this time) Seems the new Sound Blaster X-Fi I obtained is a little cranky about wether or not to peacefully coexist with the rest of my computer. It seems to be working now however, though there’s a few oddities to track down still. I’m rather glad I made #40 in advance, making a page while trying to sort out computer issues hardly sounds like the new token favourite past time.

I ended up spending several hours of last night watching Nhani Moonfall having another mother/daughter private time which also served to develop present things for both Nhani and her cub. Nhani getting to be the supporting shoulder is often just great to see, especially with the children she can hold protectively close. It just creates sweet moments, and it’s another one of those things I might put into a kitbash render later if I can find a good way to. Two characters being physically close without being poseable can be quite difficult!

It also gave me opportunities to flex the whole self-indulgent would-be arc I’ve been toying about with in my head regarding Tyrande – some basis of a friendship there. Nhani being Nhani of course, it took some time talking to someone she considers family asking her to prompt her to really say anything at all. Ironically, as it’s going now, it seems almost like it’d be a journey for Nhani to stop thinking of the High Priestess as an icon and start thinking of her more as a person. Seeing how Nhani’s expressed her own dislike for being seen as an icon sometimes, I think her own inability to shake protocol is amusing when she often asks anyone she gets to know to drop it with her.

Though I’m apprehensive to push things too far, and/or too fast, so far developments appeal to me. And I like the idea of humanizing NPCs so that they actually.. well.. exist, rather than just being flat things that won’t ever respond and are barely even there.

Nhani being asked to attend some latter diplomacy meeting tomorrow certainly brought things along too, as it implies the Temple – and Tyrande – trusts her with doing so in spite of how she overstepped her authority earlier. Which in turn perplexes Nhani further. Character development is fun!

Though how we’re to turn over the alt of one of the negotiators I’m not entirely certain. I’ll have to bug him about that.

In trying to relocate all the various helpful programs necessary bring my new shiny install up to full capacity, I managed to stumble across an old wallpaper image I did with screengrabs and modelviewer. It even predates my usage of the Fawn Script font for all things dialogue.

So, without further ado..

(Click for Large)


I actually made it as a direct response to some forum drama or another quite awhile back – there was a whole lot of people claiming that Grom Hellscream stating during his first encounter with Night elves that they were much too savage to be the High elves the Orcs knew were him saying they were meany lunch money-stealing bullies that picked on the poor defenseless Orcs. Since I never really could read anything but admiration and excitement out of his statement – with him spoiling for a proper fight – I felt that claiming he was calling them something like mean buillies devalued him as a character in a manner that was equivalent to putting him in a pink dress and having him talk about muffins.

So I put an Orc in a pink dress and had him talk about muffins.

Only to show how silly the result is.


In closing, Tailors are getting flying carpets. We need to put a draenei male in a turban on one and call him Genie. Failing that, Nhani is both fairly large and fairly blue. Though she’d resent the nickname, I’d think. And also prefer her loyal Hippogryph. But a flying carpet would be fun from time to time.


1 Response to “A complimentary reinstallation muffin”

  1. 1 Muffiny
    August 17, 2008 at 02:23

    “In closing, Tailors are getting flying carpets. We need to put a draenei male in a turban on one and call him Genie.”

    Yes! Best idea ever!

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