To the Avoidancemobile!

So a friend of mine who has access to the Wrath beta in some form or another reported back yesterday that the Hunter class had apparently lost a whole lot of %chance to dodge dodge (something like 10%!) going from Burning Crusade Live to Wrath of the Lich King Beta, which got me all worried. A quick later check however stated that her Rogue class character actually somehow gained 1% chance to dodge instead, which eased my worries a fair bit – as a bit of an oddball rogue who lives by avoidance as much as damage, maintaining my around 50% chance to dodge melee attacks is somewhat key to my efforts. Though of course, more would be nice.

I’ve been kindof envious of the Hunter class with the latest few announcements – hunter stealth? It reminded me of a time when I expressed that I would’ve loved a class that was a mix between hunters and rogues and that I wouldn’t mind giving up a pet for stealth, though I don’t think it’s all that true a statement anymore. Especially with rogues becomming more and more like the Night elven Warden hero unit from Warcraft 3. Rogues haven’t seemed to have gotten any new and shiny reveals since the first showing of their new abilities and talents though, and since level 80 isn’t unlocked on the beta yet, there’s precious little information to how the beloved Fan of Knives will even work.

I soothed myself by spending a significant ammount of precious gold on replacing rare gems with epic gems. I can now push 905 agility if I kit for it – meaning some peices of pure avoidance gear – which is a nice and big number that makes me feel pleased with myself. Though I’ll generally hover at 831 agility with my normal damage/threat gear. That said, my threat output is still a tad.. lacking.. in plenty of cases since rogues can only generate threat through damage and I’m told rogues have an innate threat reduction built in already. And then add that I sacrifice some damage output to actually survive being a single-target off-tank and well..

I’m really hoping to maintain my oddball position of honorary avoidance off-tank for Wrath, but there’s still some things that need to match up before I know wether or not it’ll be possible enough. The improvements to the Setup talent (100% chance of a combo point when dodging your target, up from 45%? Sweet.) should help a fair bit, but I’d love to have a distinct high-threat move. Not that I’ll actually get one, unless Blizzard starts considering rogues proper tanks, which I doubt they ever will.

I’m still very curious as to what Blizzard will come up with for rogue Glyphs and what other changes might arrive on the corner. Some other classes gained a few glyphs that sounded like they would genuinely make things more fun rather than just better, so I’m hoping to gain something like that myself. Failing that, more avoidance and more threat is always useful.

Being a rogue tank is great – there’s a distinct feeling of utterly breaking the mold and cheating the system, doing something you’re actually not supposed to be able to do, and quite possibly doing it well at that. With the leader and generally main tank of the group I’m in having gone from Warrior to Paladin for Wrath, there even seems to be a nice synergy between my single target, high avoidance, spellcaster-locking tanky murder and her insane area threat everywhere. I’m faily itching to give it a try and see where it can be taken.

The limits are sometimes breaking, though. I’m hoping to be able to sidestep them enough, but we’ll see. There’s a great deal of stat and itemization tweaking left before Blizzard ships the thing, so it’s still way too early to say anything definitive. I do like the changes to Windfury totem though – having to automatically assume that Shaman in pary equals no mainhand poision can be bothersome, and I obviously have a deep seated love for the agility totem since of the very delicious things it does to my agility pool, which in turn is nummy on my damage and avoidance both.

In closing, I’ve been told that in Wrath, they’ll add an Elder title. Though I think I ended up skipping the entire coin-gathering event on Nhani last year around, and I’ve forgotten what coins she had the year after that.. (doubt it was all of them, though).. I suppose I’ll be busy around the coming newyears. Of all the titles I’ve seen and implemented yet, Elder is probably the first one that truly fits Nhani like a glove.

I mean seriously, the woman is over ten thousand years old! If that doesn’t qualify her as an Elder, I don’t know what does!


1 Response to “To the Avoidancemobile!”

  1. 1 Shan
    August 18, 2008 at 01:55

    Actually, I messed up the gear a bit, so your dodge chance will be the same at 70 as in live. Hunters however do get screwed 😦

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