I want a taunt

One of the key issues that I’ve found with roguetanking is really threat – rogue threat is tied to damage and if you sacrifice damage for survival, you sacrifice threat, so the squishier characters you’re supposed to protect will out-threat you in little but a handwave sometimes. Unless you’re really at the top of the damage output, it can be nigh impossible until all the people with higher damage either calm down or plain faceplant.

It’s been ever so evident as of late with our core tank being a Paladin instead of a Warrior – while the added anti-caster tricks of rogues can be highly useful, the crazy threat output everywhere on everything can make it nigh impossible to actually catch the attention of something. Unless care is taken to directly avoid it, the Paladin main Rogue off tanking team can easilly disappear under the unrelenting Aura of Threat that Paladin tanks radiate at every moment of their existance.

The ability for random crazy bursts of threat from just about every other damage class out there further adds to my headache of woe.

I’d really love a high threat move, something like mocking blow or whatnot. An anti-feint. Interestingly enough, City of Heroes actually had a taunt for their non-tank melee damage dealers. It wasn’t quite like the taunt of the actual tanks, and they lacked the innate ability to generate threat everywhere just by fighting that the real tanks did, but they did get a taunt.

I was suggested what if Blizzard might add increased threat glyphs for rogues or whatnot. Maybe something that would add a high threat move. As much as I’d love the idea of it, I don’t think it’ll happen. Ever. In spite of the Setup talent (and the fact that it’s getting significantly improved in Wrath of the Lich King) I’ve never heard any sort of mention from Blizzard to ever intend to let rogues off-tank. Hunters, yes. Rogues, no. We seem to be pretty much chained to the damage only archetype, and a majority of rogues even seem to vastly prefer it that way.

The easy way would simply be another class, but the Warrior class and I simply don’t agree, Night elves can’t be Paladins (and Paladins are a little too Holy Light to be Elunesque) and the new Death Knights is just no.

Wrath is far from here yet, and a great deal of things can – of course – change still. But I won’t be holding my breath waiting for Blizzard to acknowledge my prefered class and role combination as intentional. In some ways it’s fun being renegade, of course, but at the same time it’s ever an uphill battle against game mechanics. It doesn’t help that it in many ways feels right for the character, but is somewhat limited in its execution.

Trying to do a character justice via game mechanics can be painfully difficult sometimes.

On a completely different (and so far compressed – I’ll mention more of it later no doubt, and with a prettier image) note, a long-lasting era of sorts for me personally has come to an atleast temporary end: Nhani is no longer in the Lights of Elune guild that she’s the founding leader of. Created two or three days after the european Earthen Ring realm came live, it’s one of the older guilds still around, though it’s effectively been all but dead for over a year, and it never had a high member count to begin with. It was built on a concept supposed to work with the world and though my current community has been built out of the old Lights guild chat, the concept itself came crashing down somewhere along the way.

Since I’ve been trying to do some level of characterized spring cleaning in preparation for Wrath, I decided to put the dead banner in the hands of alts I don’t play and form a new guild with a new concept. I’ve not yet decided what extents to take it to, wether to even bother recruiting or just keep it unbelievably tiny, but we’ll see.

For now however, all that’s important is that Nhani heads her own little Sentinel assault recon detachment. Conceptualized under the darnassian term Kal’Adore, it goes under its theorycrafted common translation: Starwatch.


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