Retrospective Travel

Page #40 of Beyond the Tree is something I’ve been considered a milestone pretty much since it was decided what it’d be about. Like Nhani, any interaction Hani has with High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind – even within her own dreams – tends to default to being interesting to depict. To both Hani and Nhani, Tyrande has indirectly meant a great deal, and both to some degree strive to live up to that or return the favour somehow. And while Nhani most likely approaches it from the right way, Hani… doesn’t.. really.

It’ll be quite awhile yet before we actually meet the Beyond the Tree take on Tyrande outside of Hani’s dreams, and any following meetings after that will be far and few between. Hani’s dreams serve as pretty much free and automated character development mixed in with hints and subtext. Where it all actually leads will be made apparent in due time; for now it’s another element of Hani’s character to muse over.

My computer’s been acting a tad odd ever since the upgrade, adding up various random bluescreens and crashes and other nitpicks. It seems resonably stable now at last, though I’m not sure if that’ll keep or wether I’ve just been plain lucky so far. This combined with that I’ll be moving – yes, moving – on thursday means that #41 will have to be delayed ’til sunday; shouldn’t be further than that unless some random obstacle materializes itself, but I don’t expect it.

Not to worry though, I’ll have something intermediary up on wednesday evening to make up for it.


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