a Fan of Knives

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For a long time, I really couldn’t see Nhani wielding daggers – sure, they’re bladed weapons, but the whole mechanics with being reliant on backstabbing just didn’t suit me or her. She’s a Warrior, and in spite of having a perchant for Night elven tactics (ie: Stealth, Mobility and Ambush), she belongs in the thick of things; weaving through a battlefield tearing things up. The Warden Warcraft 3 hero unit in many ways suits her far better than the Priestess of the Moon hero unit would, in spite of her claiming the title of the latter.

And Wardens throw knives in various forms. But, that’s actually not what’s provoked most of my ideas about Nhani handling throwing knives.

It’s actually Prince of Persia: the Two Thrones.

The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time triology (Sands of Time, Warrior Within and Two Thrones) has really come to exemplify my mental image of Nhani fighting in a sense. Though Nhani uses a different stance and posture for it, the reliance on agility, reflexes and acrobatics to dodge, parry and all but dance in circles around an enemy is all there. Climbing up on the back of an enemy, leaping off it to strike something futher away. It’s really twistedly coordinated in places and just looks epic.

Where Warrior Within has a sword main-hand, Two Thrones has a dagger, and introduces the Speed Kill system – basically a glorified single-button Quick Time Event – where the whole set of motions have been pre-choreographed and are just played out in an elegant display of acrobatic murder.

And that, I’d think, is where Nhani is with daggers. While she does carry a sword as her primary armament and generally relies on that for heavy combat against equal or superior foes, I don’t think she’d have any qualms with using her throwing knives as small, quick weapons of slashing and stabbing weaker foes in quick concert. Of course, there’s always throwing the things, too.

So. I thought while waiting for World of Warcraft come out of maintenance so I could do daily quests early since I’ll be spending the evening packing, I’d try to actually add the throwing knives Nhani supposedly carries around. I think they might be a little too large though, especially the ring used to grip them. I might adjust them later to be thinner and possibly overall smaller, see if that looks better. The Harness itself is very quick and dirty too, so I might tweak its appearance significantly.


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