Nhani vs Aeonus – Roguetanking Heroic Dragons

So I’ve in many ways had an awesome day. First helping a scryer Paladin in eradecating Socrethar between just the two of us (the dude is a pansy, seriously) then getting to tank Omor the Unscarred in a Heroic difficulty Hellfire Ramparts run and finally, to put an end to it all, maintanking an entire Black Morass run.

Yes, with a rogue.

Now, I know quite well there’s been some really crazy Rogue soloing adventures against raid bosses with rogues that can pull complete melee immunity through avoidance – I envy them, I don’t have nearly the gear for that. Which makes it all the more interesting since I actually can get hit, but can still provide a fairly durable tank through things like Black Morass where there’s a single target main enemy to tank and the rest of the group can deal with the rest of the trash NPCs.

The main worry was really Aeonus and his partywide Time Stop stun ability which – with bad luck – could’ve ended really badly, but we actually pulled through regardless. It really was an awesome experience and felt truly epic, controlling a character that lived on pure agility, skill and reflexes rather than layer upon layer of heavy plate armour.

Our team layout was fairly varied (but seemingly quite excellent for the task): a Tank Rogue (me), an endgame-kitted Raid Hunter, an Enhance Shaman (yay agility totem!), a fairly newly-70 Arms Warrior and a heal-spec Paladin. In the end, no deaths, no wipes, no incidents, no nothing.

It might not be some kind of global event of awesome, but for me personally, getting to maintank a Heroic dungeon as a Rogue was just grand, and really felt like it gave full space for the character herself. It’s nothing I expect will be a normal occurance, but it’s proven possible. That, if anything, is something.


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