World of Loot: Wrath of the Itemization King

Wrath of the Lich King is steadily approaching with more and more information released to us on a fairly steady basis. The news that we’ll get the Pre-Expansion patch with the new talent trees and some other tidbits in the “coming weeks” suggests that we’ll get plenty of new toys to play with soon, among other things I’ll get the vastly improved incarnation of the Setup talent to replace the current one which is somewhat subpar.

Potentially adding the barbershops and possibly the new various hairstyles would also give some time testing – I’ve got my eyes on one of the new hairstyle for night elven females that’s been promptly stolen from dwarven females – one that look like it could be the result of Nhani tying/braiding her hair back. It isn’t quite as fluid a solution as the Hairstyle I gave Hani Foonmall, but it’s worth a try.

But that’s not the main topic of this post. No, no. It is items.

With MMO-Champion regularely reporting various new loots from Wrath, there’s a bit of an insight how gear will look for pure numbers. It’s slightly amusing me so far how almost every peice of rogue/feral gear I see is itemized almost exactly the same way: +Stamina, +Agility, +AP and a fourth stat (either +Hit, +Crit or +Armor pen from what I’ve seen so far). Amusing and worrying. I’ve yet to see any leather with +def, and taking items I’ve seen so far seems to be following the rogue formula but with strength instead of agility, defense instead of attack power and then parry rating as the fourth stat.

Being a tank rogue, my item requirements can be innately considered being a tad odd – there’s a fair bit of picking defense enchants, necklaces, rings and trinkets and soforth for that purpose. Now my concerns have been somewhat soothed by that with my choice in the above is still “off the norm” rogues pushing 50%+ dodge chance might still be unusual enough, but with the homogenization of item stats so far, I do worry about the ability to specialize – especially in fields that are normally considered a tad odd.

I expect I’ll still have to invest in some ammount of PvP and potentially even arenas come Wrath – I do rely on resilience for crit immunity which can be.. well.. helpful.

We’ve yet to see a great deal of items that are the odd ones out and Blizzard are still balancing things so things can still change, of course. And while I do consider gear homogenization probably a good thing since it means an upgrade will nearly always be an upgrade (compared to those green quest reward tanking plate shoulderpads in netherstorm that blow plenty of rares out of the water), I do value my ability to pick the odd trail of gear to fulfil an odd role.

So far, I do like the look of most Wrath gear, however. I just innately worry about random things, and my viability to maintain the rogue offtank gig through Wrath – both with threat and avoidance in mind – is one of those things. I love my job, I’m inclined to keep it.


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