Rooftop Prowling

So now when I finally have more than 128 Megabytes of graphical memory (four times it, to be exact) I figured I might actually be able to play Assassin’s Creed now. I actually can – it complains that my CPU isn’t up to spec, it’s a bit slow in some cases, sound can be a bit choppy from time to time and the streets feel rather empty since crowd density is at lowest.

But it plays. Sweet.

I was pretty much doomed to love the game from the start; combining Prince of Persia (Sands of Time, Warrior Within and Two Thrones) with Thief (The Dark Project, The Metal Age, Deadly Shadows)? Yes please.

So I’ve just been fiddling about early Damascus so far, still trying to get used to timing combo kills and maintaining ease of transportation. I definitely recognize the two above mentioned games throughout it – the ideas of maintaining a low profile, skulking about, eavesdropping and pickpocketing.. not to mention the impatient and slightly sarcastic character all is very reminiscent of Garrett and Thief. And the climbing, weeell..

There’s many times I wish World of Warcraft had actual acrobatics and climbing. It’s not all that appropriate for the game model, of course. But there’s times when I see a small house, a wall or other barrier or obstacle and instinctively think “Nhani would be able to climb that”. Game only rarely allows it, of course, but given free reign the character would’ve managed.

I get the feeling my time with Assassin’s Creed will be slightly limited in the near future since of other things that also will need work (Beyond the Tree especially – scripting kindof got stuck), but I’m hoping to catch up with other tasks so I can make progress on it. It’s nicely enough one of those games I’m happy to have bought.

On a flip note, I eventually caved in and got Mobile Broadband. It works. It’s not great, but it works. I can live with 200 to 500 ms ping if I have to. Several seconds of thereof I can not.


1 Response to “Rooftop Prowling”

  1. 1 Matinoshadow
    August 31, 2008 at 08:16

    Just After you finish Damascus you’ll get counter kills. They’ll make you feel like a pro. But if you want to feel like a master assassin try doing counter kills with the hidden blade. These are super pro.

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