New rogue shinies, new plottings, oh my

So I’m a little late and bbr pretty much beat me by a whole day but that’s fine – I spent much of yesterday doing yet another complete revise of the plot through the entirety of Story Arc One of Beyond the Tree; this time cutting out a whole lot lof extraeneous material, moving some things around and generally just trying to improve story flow and character motivation through the whole onset. The plot as a whole may not be too important really, but the character interactions it creates are, and for them to be solid and have a reason, the story needs to be solid first.

I actually ended up entirely eliminating two planned supporting cast members entirely because I simply couldn’t make them fit – It’s a real pity to have to do so, both were interesting characters that could bring plenty to the group dynamic and would have – if they’d been included – essentially addressed the small matter that the cast of Beyond the Tree is – so far – all female. Trying to motivate their inclusion was shaky at best however and I’m a little worried about cast overload since Hani and Tiny will hog a whole lot of stage by default, too many people travelling with them would potentially devalue either that or the rest of the cast as they fight for screen time.

Don’t worry though:l do have a remaining male supporting cast member left still, you just won’t see him ’til Story Arc Two sometime šŸ˜‰

So! Proposed Rogue changes, which can be found here or on bbr’s post linked above!

I’m a tad less negative than bbr is to them – there’s a few changes I’m kindof suspicious towards, some I can’t really understand and some I don’t plain like.. But there’s also a few where I innately went oh my.. tanking potential: Huge!

I’m sad to see Shadowstep weakened (can no longer be used while rooted) seeing my huge, twisted love for the ability. But I’ll have to live with it. Cloak of Shadows going up to a 1.5 minute cooldown is less than the 2 minute they first proposed, 2/2 Elusiveness will still take it down to the default one minute, so I’m not too fussed there personally, really. Master of Deception and Camouflage both going down to 3/3 rather than 5/5 does give me some more talent points to play with, though with all other changes I expect to need them – putting Relentless Strikes in Subtlety and making it 5/5 rather than 1/1 is .. interesting enough. Blizzard said they wanted it less essential, that certainly covers it.

5/5 Slaughter of the Shadows now also reducing Hemorrhage energy cost by 5 is.. noticeable. I’m starting to see the possibility for actually expanding Subtlety more than Combat for myself in Wrath, getting that and Honor among Thieves to mix in with the new and improved Setup to create essentially a combo point galore while tanking. If I have enough points for 5/5 Relentless Strikes to combine with it, I could possibly be drowning in combo points, which might be very handy for threat output.

Oh and Premeditation is down to 20 seconds from two minutes.I could open every pull with a deadly throw if I need to distract my tank target. Glee.

The change to Unfair Advantage is a source of envy however – strike back with your main hand every time you dodge? My the threat! Unfortunately, I can’t get that without sacrificing the rest of my build. Sad, but oh well. I shall regard it from distance, with envy.

Oh and our misdirect apparently has a 30 second cooldown. Not sure what I’d use it for most of the time, though the paladin tank might be happy if I play nicely on some boss encounters rather than going RAWR let me tank! every so often, heh.

There’s still things they haven’t included yet – I’m curious about what they want to do with Lightning Reflexes. There’s plenty of question marks just about everywhere still at this point, but.. well.. I’m permitting myself some degree of hope for my favoured combination of class and role.


1 Response to “New rogue shinies, new plottings, oh my”

  1. 1 bbr
    September 4, 2008 at 07:08

    Time will tell whether these get changed (/hope so).
    If they remain as is though, i’ll probably not be the only one jumping the mutilate boat :/

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