Random Wallpaper time!

I’ve been doing a whole lot of wallpaper-size random renders lately; unfortunately most of them deal with certain aspects of plot development for Beyond the Tree so I haven’t shown them yet lest I give too much away, especially with the intention that things are supposed to progress gradually. There’s a time when Sudden Reveals(tm) are appropriate, but some things should and need to be slowly nudged in. You’ll simply have to trust me in knowing what I’m doing when scheming out the plot. πŸ˜‰

However! I do have something else to show instead!

On random impulse I went ahead and did my first attempt at adapting and rigging a non-night elven female character into a fully poseable state – people who have gone through the history of Thoughts for Food might remember both her and Popo, her plush Moonkin.

The player behind Sapphidia’s been my number one source for advice and suggestions on game mechanics and talent decisions in World of Warcraft for a long time now – she was the one to suggest to me that having a rogue as offtank might not only be perfectly viable but also a downright good idea, she’s given me plenty of space to try it out and rely on it as a good way to provide support to the group and tends to be the number one voice of consolation regarding my worries about how viable my tanky rogue spec will remain in Wrath.

She’s also one of my main voices of handy opinions, useful suggestions and critical observations on Beyond the Tree – on the terms of character design, plot and individual pages all. She’s getting her own occasional cameo character further down the road – the name and character will be Slightly Different of course, but the appearance will be there. Hence the point in making this particular model conversion πŸ˜‰

As I recall I’ve promised I’d get around concocting a wallpaper for her for some time without any particular result, so on a sudden spike of creativity I decided it was about time and put some together. I’ve titled the seriesas a whole as “The One Who’s Always There”, refering to the plush Moonkin. People sometimes find comfort in the oddest of places, and I thought it’d be a heartwarming thing to put focus on. Making characters look awesome is all well and good, but heartfelt moments can simply be that much more precious.

The first is actually the second – the first take turned out kindof oddly, so I’ll spare you from it. Not sure if there’s all that much I can say about it that the image itself isn’t already saying. It’s one of those where everything is just all there.

The second (or third, if you count the skipped one) one up I put together because I decided that no matter how awesome the first/second looked, it wasn’t very wallpapery – it lacked that kind of static, iconic look somehow, it was simply too much in motion. So, I made a take that I deemed more fit for a wallpaper motif.

That’s it. And no, I’m still not making 1280×1024 images – Cropping down 4:3 aspect images into 8:5 is enough as it is, cropping horizontally for 5:4 too is a little too much, really. Teach the industry to run the standard aspect ratios instead!


1 Response to “Random Wallpaper time!”

  1. 1 Tari
    September 12, 2008 at 22:24

    I’m amazed by how realistic she looks, the second wallpaper is just amazing! And I’ve fallen in love with the moonkin-plushie. πŸ˜€

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