Nhani Moonfall + Future = ?

Like – I’d like to think – most people who picked a roleplaying server for the actual roleplaying bit, my enjoyment of the game is very much tied to my perception of my character; this makes picking a class, race and appearance additionally difficult because if the character concept and/or mentality doesn’t fit the result, it can be increasingly difficult to enjoy playing the character no matter how fun the class in itself is.

Now this actually is a significant aspect of game design in itself – building up expectations and then either living up to them or breaking them for intended effect; the difference being that roleplayers make the characters themselves and then it’s up to them to somehow see if they can make them come alive via the game or not. So it’s taken just a bit into extreme – with that in mind it’s no wonder how often roleplayers can end up lashing out against oneanother – our character is key to our interaction in the world and anyone who breaks it breaks our enjoyment. You can liken it to someone crashing your game client at inopportune moments.

Moving on however, this means that one of the things I tend to indulge in thinking about is picturing where Nhani Moonfall the character might be headed – what sort of things will she be doing in the immediate future, what kind of actions could she be undertaking in the nearest years, where might she be in a decade, in two decades, in a few centuries?

For the longest time, it seemed like it’d be fate that she’d be the one left behind because noone she knew seemed willing to accept the idea of her passing away first.

Always in motion is the future however, and Yoda isn’t always to blame. One of the followers of Aessina (the High Priestess of the shrine, in fact) gave Nhani a premonition some two years ago however – expressing that at some point in the future, Nhani’d have a son. Since the cubs Nhani surrounds her with are generally all either formally or informally adopted.. the idea means the world to her, and it marked the point where I could start picturing an actually happy future for her over a long term basis.

It’s still been in flux however, things like when, how, with whom and soforth. And just picturing what she’d be like as a mother.

It kindof hit to head the last few days as I found myself trying to resolve things with Nhani’s present, including her being involved with a character whose player left the game almost a year ago – it’s difficult to live up to acting around a character that plain isn’t there. So I tried to define what happened to that, wether it was still going or Nhani just moved on and for what reasons or whatever.

I pretty much came to the conclusion that I think Nhani has a hard time sticking to a relationship long term, and that she’d likely be vastly more comfortable in the Badass Single Mother archetype. Somehow I found myself unable to image anything but that she’d feel that any additional parents beyond her would only complicate things.

Funny that.

But I have more than words for you – I made a few (read: two) renders of Nhani in that context, both of which would likely be a few decades in teh future. As much as the idea of Nhani with Child appeals to me, let’s face it – I’m not going to put that into present roleplay. It takes too long, forces everyone around you to interact with something pretend that doesn’t visually exist, and utterly inhibits you from doing anything your character would normally be doing. Sure, Nhani herself would likely relish in it, but this is still a game I pay to play too. I need to have fun as well!

So it’ll all settle for being “what if the future turned out like this”.

First up, titled “Sundown”. I was told it was a very iconic Nhani Moonfall image, in spite of being a choice in outfit that’s very unusual for her. I love the colour combinations in it however.

Second is simply just titled “Hi There” – it actually puts a name on Nhani’s eventual spawn – Ndoran (“Nar-do-raan”) too. I’m plotting to make him poseable eventually, but for now I’m amazed enough that he turned out as adorable as he did. He’s actually based on the models for human children in the game – as odd as that might seem seeing the dissimularities. I spent alot of time fiddling with his model and texture both – nothing remains of the original texture, he basically uses a heavilly recut version of Nhani’s texture. Simularily, he also has her feet, her ears and her eyebrows. I guess in this case if someone tells him he has her eyes, it’s actually true because that’s her texture!

But I’m proud of how he turned out, seeing how the first result I got out of the attempt was something that looked far more like a freak of nature which was – mercifully enough – choking to death on a peice of LEGO.


11 Responses to “Nhani Moonfall + Future = ?”

  1. September 11, 2008 at 07:14

    the last one is adorable 😛 the first realy looks good

  2. 2 Thromgar
    September 11, 2008 at 09:12

    I do play on a roleplaying server and I do think a lot about the further for my character, but seemingly I’m the only one. Others just tend to do the day after the day..Not really thinking ahead, and then…They don’t know what do to. I think my character will have a very hard time finding someone to be with him, since he just a lonewolf that likes to do things by himself, and don’t really need to take care of one or another.

    by the way, great pictures 🙂

    Thromgar – Argent Dawn

  3. September 11, 2008 at 09:35

    saw something.how can here hand bend 90 degrese?

  4. 4 Thromgar
    September 11, 2008 at 09:41

    Its an elf. Don’t question such things *hiss*

  5. 5 Nhani
    September 11, 2008 at 09:47

    I can’t see anywhere where anything bends directly unnaturally myself? There’s the odd potentially awkward angle, usually brought about by proportions that may or may not be a tad odd, but I can’t see a single pose that’d be downright impossible? (Just uncomfortable, perhaps)

  6. 6 Thromgar
    September 11, 2008 at 09:49

    It sure a lot seems uncomfortable..

  7. 7 Nhani
    September 11, 2008 at 10:06

    Well I do try to mimic a pose either in mind or reality before I put it in model. If it seems particularely odd I’ll likely make an attempt at posing it myself just to figure out how it works, kindof mime and replicate. So there’s a few where I feel like it wouldn’t be all that comfortable in the long run, but since there’s some.. limits.. there’s the occasional aproximation.

    For example, our fingers have knuckles and two finger joints. World of Warcraft models have knuckles and one finger joint. Things like that means the odd problem that needs to be worked around or plain accepted sometimes 😉

  8. 8 bbr
    September 11, 2008 at 20:04

    First one seems a bit more blurred than usual.
    Second one’s sharper.

  9. March 7, 2009 at 11:13

    “he basically uses a heavilly recut version of Nhani’s texture. Simularily, he also has her feet, her ears and her eyebrows. I guess in this case if someone tells him he has her eyes, it’s actually true because that’s her texture!”

    well, they often say kids look like their parents,..
    So why would this be any different.

    I love both pictures, keep it up.

  10. 10 Marina
    February 28, 2010 at 10:54

    Huh… If only WoW was as well made as your … your…. well, I dunno how to say it in english, sorry ^^ . You’re doing a great job! It’s amazing!

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