Concerted Efforts

So a friend of mine and I were talking a little about talent choices and Wrath, me for Nhani and her for her alt rogue. With me going rather heavy into Subtlety with some Combat and her going – as the small rogue forum meme apparently goes – “deep in ass” (also known as Mutilate), I made a sudden observation. Namely:

Turn the Tables (3/3) Whenever anyone in your party or raid blocks, dodges, or parries an attack your chance to critically hit with all combo moves is increased by 6% for 8 sec.

As a rogue tank, I dodge or parry nearly every hit swung my way. Which tends to be way more often than once every eighth second. Now, let’s expand upon this idea and add something else to the mix, which would be:

Honor Among Thieves (3/3) When anyone in your group critically hits with a damage or healing spell or ability, you have a 100% chance to gain a combo point on your current target. This effect cannot occur more than once every second.

So. Basically. Whenever I dodge or parry – which is really often – her chance to critically hit with Mutilate will increase by 6%. And, whenever she critically hits with Mutilate, I gain a combo point.

Hello Synergy? Not to mention that with rogues getting a short cooldown Misdirect ability, which I no doubt will be wanting to be put to use on me whenever possible, combining a Subtlety tank rogue and an Assassination damage rogue sounds like quite the nice combo.

I was also told that Paladin healers apparently toss around heal crits a whole lot. Yum, Combo Points for lunch.

I’ve yet to try the PTR still – with a new Beta patch they also added a new PTR patch of 215 megabytes, and I noticed that between downloading the PTR client, its patches and everything else.. I’ve hit my monthly limit of 5 Gigabytes, so my down speed has gone down to 30k – as in kilobit, not kilobyte as I first thought. Meaning that my internet connection is going to be acting at dial-up speeds until the end of the month. Fun!

I’ve been scheming seeing if I could.. borrow.. the massive connection of the university quickly tomorrow however and download the PTR patch via there so I could still try it. I’m still curious what to do with talents at level 70 – poking around with them I’ve concluded that I can still keep 5/5 Lightning Reflexes (despite it moving further down) and still keep the all-loved Shadowstep when 3.0.2 hits (talent tree) – a nice gain of 20% off-hand damage (5/5 Dual Wield spec, from 3/5), 1% more parry (Deflection talent changes) and an 8% chance per combo point to restore 25 energy on finishers – all for the cost of a measely 2% attack power. Of course, I get that 2% back and get more besides come level 80, with my final talent tree at this point estimated as something like this.

I’m really curious about how well it’ll play, both at level 70 come 3.0.2 and then further on at level 80 with Wrath itemization and the ten extra talent points – I really want to see Honor Among Thieves in play and how well it synergizes with Setup, not to mention the new energy regeneration system.

And it’ll be nice to at last have Blade Flurry again.

On another note, MMO-Champion added some items added by beta build 8962, including a whole lot of reputation rewards (like a fishing pole made out of refined Awesome) and material requirements – but not appearances – of the tailoring flying carpets. With this in mind, I have three words for you: Swift Mooncloth Carpet.

Edit: /waves to Valenna


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