Updates on Avoidance

Right, a new day and less sleepiness abound. My caster class Hunter friend with a beta account took some time with me to get a few numbers set straight on the whole Avoidance change, especially now with the Parry and Dodge ratings been given more valid and proper formulae. This is a very number-heavy entry, you’ll have to live with it.

Starting with clarifying the rogue values we got last night, her level 70 rogue with 691 agility has 39.96% passive dodge chance on current live servers and 35.14% dodge on the beta with exactly the same gear and talent spec (note that this loss also is affected by the redesign of the Night elven Quickness racial ability going from +1% dodge to 2% reduction of hit against you), this including both Lightning Reflexes (+5% dodge) and Sinister Calling (+15% agility). Removing an item with 23 agility lowered her dodge chance by 0.95%, compared to the 1.30% dodge that the item would’ve given on current servers – offering only 73% of its normally intended benefit after Diminishing Returns.

At this level, removing an 8 agility gem (stats rollout claimed 9 agi lost due to Sinister Calling) dropped the dodge% to 34.81 – losing 0.33% dodge instead of the 0.46% that it would’ve been on live – a 72% benefit; slightly lower than the earlier 23 agility loss due to being at a higher level of agility. Comparably, adding a 12 dodge rating gem instead of the 8 agility one took the dodge% up to 35.27% – a 0.46% gain compared to the 0.63% expected – a 73% effectiveness.

At this point we moved on to her level 70 warrior with tank gear. At 23.16% dodge, removing a 23 defense rating item that should have removed 0.40% dodge removed only 0.31% – a 78% benefit compared to what it should be. Adding 32 rating instead brought the dodge% up to 23.57% – gaining 0.41% dodge instead of 0.54% – a 76% benefit.

Interestingly enough, adding a weapon with 20 parry rating and 5 defense rating (supposedly adding 0.85% parry from rating and 0.04% parry from defense) added 0.75% parry% – an 84% benefit compared to the dodge benefit generally being around 73%. Now it passed my mind to ask how much parry she had I asked in retrospect how much parry% she had – was told it was around 16% chance to parry compared to the 23% chance to dodge, accounting for the differences. Adding a 20 agility necklace without losing avoidance added 0.44% out of 0.60% dodge – a 73% benefit.

From this we can make an immediate observation: the diminishing returns are on the sum of a particular form of avoidance and is equal across all stat-based ways of adding that type of avoidance. In short, you gain a better benefit from keeping parry%, dodge% and defense balanced against eachother than simply stacking one. While this has the potential of leaving druids with the short end of the stick due to their inability (as far as I know) to parry, I’m not sure what the actual realistic outcome there is.

For me it’ll mean that Defense and Parry Rating will be far more worth than Dodge rating as my innately high agility will likely make the diminishing returns on dodge rating quite phenomenal, which’ll be an interesting note when thinking of itemization.

The percentage of benefit we’re seeing so far seems odd to me – I can’t really make much of an effective conclusion from it myself with this limited sample range and my lack of head for direct maths. I wish I was in the beta myself right now – Nhani has a far greater ammount of various tweaky tanking apparel to swap back and forth which would’ve provided a greater sample range and a wider range of numbers – and a better estimate at what kind of dodge% I can expect out of Wrath.

I’m not convinced it won’t be a problem, but I might soothe some of my concerns that it might not be the end of the world. Atleast, not yet. Won’t stop me from wishing I had numbers from what it’s like at level 80, however.

Edit: I’m also told there’s presently an utterly hilarious bug in the beta where hit rating reduces your chance to hit, rather than increasing it. So it’s fair to say there’s some oddities with combat ratings they’re still going to tweak or fix.


2 Responses to “Updates on Avoidance”

  1. 1 bbr
    September 24, 2008 at 07:15


    Still remains to be seen what they do with lightning reflexes as well.

  2. September 24, 2008 at 21:46

    Lightning reflexes is also what I am looking for news on 🙂
    Found you on blog azeroth. Like what you are doing. Feel free to check out my wow blog at Wow Blogger.

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