Chapter two in Retrospect

So chapter two comes to a close and we hit yet another – however slight – milestone on our journey. We’ve acomplished a fair bit, not to mention the druid(ess?) who was in distress no longer is so, giving our duo free reigns as to what to do next. That said, fate seems to happily indulge in keeping them occupied.

Chapter two ended up shorter than first intended – as the plot has been reshuffling as of late, I decided to cut down the length of Druid in Distress (the second chapter) and instead add a third chapter in-between named Shards of Truth. While obviously you’ll simply have to take my word for it at this point, it makes the overall story flow better. Short chapters makes them more focused too, I’d say – more focus, less clutter.

So what’s happened? Appart from rescuing Te’len from cultists in green, we’ve established that Hani’s dreams are a reoccuring thing, we’ve met the Sentinel Commander Raene Wolfrunner, established that she and Hani know eachother and that they do so beyond just professionally. Oh and we’ve pointed out that Tiny does, in fact, have a mother. Chapter three will be tying some of these plot strings together into a more sturdy rope of plot, though where said rope leads you’ll simply have to wait and see.

Chapter three will hopefully connect some of the hints I’ve been dropping up until now and finally provide some more in-plain-sight information on what exactly is going on during arc one (because something indeed is going on) and what it’ll take to un-do all those going ons. I still revel in hints, of course, so there’ll likely still be those about other random plot paths – Arc one is hardly the end all plot for Beyond the Tree, it’s just the main story path we’re following right now. There’s still all manner of character arcs and whatnot going alongside it. Still, I named Chapter three “Shards of Truth”, hopefully it’ll live up to that name before it comes to a close.

Don’t have as many interesting statistics for you this time, a bit pressed for time this early on in the morning (as you can probably tell by the short length of this post). I can say however that as we are right now, Beyond the Tree has had a total of 408’227 views, which is quite awesome for a fairly small-time webcomic I’d say! Hoping to come up with something for when that count hits past 500k provided I notice in time, but I’m not sure what it’d be, yet.


2 Responses to “Chapter two in Retrospect”

  1. 1 Zavesh (Steamwheedle Eu)
    October 9, 2008 at 17:56

    can’t wait for the new comics, Beyond the Tree is in my opinion the best looking WoW comic out there. Gratz on the 40k+ views and up to 50k!

  2. 2 BlackWords
    October 9, 2008 at 18:05

    Overall, chapter 2 was really enjoyable! It gave lots of hints to make me want to read further on! I’m really curious as to which hints will be connected in chapter 3!

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