Vengeance against Zul’jin!

So the ragtag band of merry misfits and raiding dropouts that I hang with went and stomped on Zul’jins head last night. Considering some of us (myself included) had never even seen half the fights going on there, I’d say we actually made pretty good time overall with having both learn and defeat each foe as we met them. We didn’t hit any of the timed limits mind you – a wipe, a disconnect and a computer lockup happening all at once ensured we were half a minute too late for the first one and after that it was just about the killing itself.

There was little space for me to ply my own trade – I tanked one of Hex Lord Malacrass little friends and made this hilarious realization on Zul’jin himself with phase one; where normal tactics dictate you turn and run as fast as possible to avoid his whirlwind.. it was actually safer for me to keep facing him because that meant most of the time I’d simply dodge or parry it rather than getting hit in the back. It’s one of those funny things where I just love the peculiarity behind my spec.

That said, it was a strange run. On one hand, I love the rogue class and the mechanics behind it and I made the observation that if I had Honor among Thieves, I’d be able to do “just damage” that much better without feeling combo point starved. On the other, I kept glancing at the protection-specced Warrior off-tank every so often and feeling a twinge of envy as I wish I had that role, even though I know why I don’t.

I’m told the pre-Wrath patch will be this week. In some ways I look forward to it, in others I rather dread it since it essentially means a potential death blow to my current place and role; it’s to the point where it might be worthwhile for me to consider skipping LIghtning Reflexes for Honor among Thieves until I can start catching up on level 80, since that means I could start doing atleast one aspect of my class “right”.

It very much bears against, though. I love being the odd tank rogue who can and will happily off-tank in my regular gear. It’s such a crazy yet wonderful niché that I really don’t want to lose it.

On another note, we had a talk about various potential future raid bosses and all after the raid was over, with me essentially concluding that the one enemy that would mean the most for Nhani to kill would be Queen Azshara of the Naga, provided they open up the Maelstrom and the areas surrounding it sometime. I don’t think there’s a single entity on Azeroth she harbours more of a deeply founded resentment towards; she may have accepted the Sundering, but I don’t think she’d ever accept what Azshara did when she set the Legion on her own people.

Sargeras and the Burning Legion are just evil, just threats that need death because they wish to cause harm and won’t stop wanting to do so. Azshara on the other hand was all but worshipped by her people, and then turned on them. It’d be a ten millenia old grudge to settle.

We’ll have to see where it goes.


3 Responses to “Vengeance against Zul’jin!”

  1. October 15, 2008 at 20:53

    80% Female Characters there… now I know where Beyond the Tree gets its inspiration.

    BTW, you must have quite the cohesive & unified group of friends there to do so well with many going for the first time. *Thumbs up!*

  2. 2 Dolingen
    October 16, 2008 at 03:57

    God dam that kill felt good.

  3. 3 Arthlol
    October 16, 2008 at 09:40

    The key to this success was, without a doubt, dropping Shanisnub from the raid!

    … and the Gnome.

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