Pumpkin Avenger meets its Patch!

So Hallow’s End is here with all its zanyness. Like pretty much everyone and their pet death star, I’ve been doing some fairly focused achievement hunting throughout the event – I’ve been fairly lucky with Headless Horseman kills too in that I have all Hallow’s End achievements save for The Masquerade (get transformed by wands – no transformations at all) and The Mask Task (get one of every mask – I’m told this achievement will be removed in the next patch). It’s not like I’m intending on actually using the title itself, I’m gunning straight for the Elder title on Nhani – none else really seems to fit, but I’ve always had a bit of this pack rat mentality.

Achievements play straight into that. It’s something to collect – it might be useless, but it’s there. Achievements also add a permanent mark to your character – years ahead when you’ve vendored all your old gear, have something like tier twenty and can solo Burning Crusade raidbosses in your sleep.. the achievement, and the date for it, will remain. It’s this kind of connection to the past, something that allows you to go back and remenisce on how things used to be.

It’s a sense of acomplishment too, and the statistics tracking bit can be plain hilarious. Though the points system seems a little pointless so far as achievement is achievement and comparing them numerically seems a tad.. well.. unrepresentative, I’m guessing Blizzard either had an idea with it or will have further down the line.

Earthen Ring has been fairly poorly off since the patch, though from what I was told earlier it seems all of the battlegroup Cyclone might be suffering from the same gremlins, possibly the whole game. I can’t help but think that Blizzard provided an.. interesting.. timing with 3.0.2 – with the Achievements, Hallow’s End and everything coming up at once.. Blizzard got quite the stress test going. Everyone wants to go Honorable Kill-farming with the G.N.E.R.D.S. buff due to its highly temporary state, not to mention going for regular battleground achievements, leaving the Battleground servers somewhat.. cluttered. Add to this that everyone not doing this (or who wanted to do this but can’t because the Battleground servers are overloaded) instead try to either farm the Headless Horseman (for fun items and achievements!) or burn through old instances (for achievements!) which leaves the instances painfully cluttered too. I’ve been scheming on doing an achievement blitz of Shadowfang Keep the last two evenings in a row, both halted because.. Transfer Aborted: Instance not Found

This, of course, leaves alot of bored raiders that can’t go raiding nor battlegrounding (..“battlegrinding”?), meaning that instead they go for Velen and Tyrande. As a significant Tyrande fan (and with Nhani the Character herself being very dedicated to the woman), I tend to get this feedback effect where I take attacks on the High Priestess of Elune just a triffle too personally. I’m told Velen went down twice over throughout the evening, we did manage to save Tyrande however (or, rather: stun/kill/occupy enough of them that Tyrande could slaughter the rest) for which I’m happy, but..

Seeing how well everyone was doing, I worry a little about the squishyness of the city bosses come Wrath – top tier raiding gear or not, if level 70 characters can stand up to raid bosses balanced for level 80.. how much easier won’t they be at top tier raiding at that level?

Now of course, none of these things are in any means permanent and city leaders tend to be taken down every so often just because (though almost never the hard to reach ones, naturally), but it’s still a burning sting at pride, and some people make it worse by declaring all manner of self-glorifying approaches to it without really understanding what the repercussions would be.

As a long-term Night elf player, it stabs my pride. As a storyteller, it makes me facepalm. And as a critical observer.. I pretty much wish Blizzard would stop trying to play two completely different continuities and actually decide on a joint one. Are we struggling to overcome differences to reach the necessary unity, or are we struggling to beat eachother into the ground so we can move on to greater things? While you can play both sides, it kindof needs some level of unifying continuity in the middle of it.

Times like this I really look forward to reaching Arc Two with Beyond the Tree – atleast there I can play angles as I think makes sense without having to worry about all these aspects.

It conveniently also means that if Beyond the Tree ever has a major character attacked and subsequently defended, the first thing said once the enemy are defeated will not be some permutation of “lol”.

I’ve been feeling restless lately. I expected 3.0.2 would soothe that somewhat, but it’s actually had the opposite effect – it’s meant I’ve been playing World of Warcraft a whole lot more, but with instances constantly going down I’ve felt very unfocused and uncertain where to go and what to do. I’ve been wanting to try things like seeing if my new HAT spec might be able to dent Rivendare and soforth, in spite of lack of avoidance (more evasion however!). Now, Honor Among Thieves, HAT, is pretty clearly bugged – that “cannot occur more than once per second” bit? Forget it – it can quite happily occur up to five times in a single second sometimes. It’s very bursty however, and very willful. It’s far from a constant stream of combo points and rather it tends to happen in bursts where suddenly you get a whole lot very quickly. I’m still not sure about the limits of it, whether group means party or raid. If it’s just party, I don’t see why they could just axe the once per second limit as there’s some pretty defined limits to how many points you can get how quickly. If it’s raidwide however.. well.. I’d say drowning in combo points would be an accurate description of the situation in an appropriately geared 25-man or 40-man raid.

We’ll have to see what Blizzard does with it. I love the idea of the talent regardless – together with Setup it defines Nhani as someone who fights better against something that actually pays attention to her so she can do feints and calculated strikes better (Setup) as well as someone who fights harder when there’s more than just herself on the line (HAT). I’ve seen no official statements on the state of HAT yet though, so either people don’t think it’s overpowered, Blizzard doesn’t care that much or most rogues are simply Assassination or Combat and haven’t noticed its current state. Not that I mind.

As part of my restlessness, I took my Gnome Warrior for a spin, deciding to try the new Protection tree. There’s been a whole lot of changes that sound fun at glance, but.. eh..

I hated it, seriously. The Rage issues felt gone so that wasn’t a problem anymore, but ye gods. It felt like I could basically do bugger all and reach the same result no matter what. I essentially hammer my fist against the keyboard and still make a resonably decent tank. It was.. really weird. Worst thing however, without a doubt, was Devastate. The old Devastate had this loud, destructive noise akin to tearing down a house. It felt powerful, it felt SMASH. The new one? It sounds like breaking a really thin sheet of ice. It sounds delicate, like oh my, how fragile. The visual feedback was nice, definitely. The audiatory such was.. not, however. As a rogue who relies on the mod Hear Kitty to actually hear how many combo points I have, lack of audiable feedback is just breaking.

I was suggested it might be worth to try a Protection paladin, but neither Gnomes nor Night elves can be one, so I’ll pass, for now.

I do like that gnome though, so I was suggested to work her into Beyond the Tree somehow, replacing another character we haven’t met yet. The idea.. appeals.. to me.

Randomly, I’m also starting to say three point naught, rather than three point zero like I used to. And I know who’s to blame! /shake fist menaclingy


3 Responses to “Pumpkin Avenger meets its Patch!”

  1. 1 Shan
    October 21, 2008 at 10:48

    Shush, go blame someone else!

  2. 2 Raukangren
    October 22, 2008 at 12:08

    Actually there’s a whole thing of WoW becomes something unnaturaly ugly since 2.0.1 with stat changed incredibly and talents gone crazy. Everything seemed like “no sweat” to take things out. Even epics became as trash… All that comes to mind is “wtf” short.

  3. 3 Frostsaben
    October 24, 2008 at 23:50

    Beeing in the Cyclone group, I know how unahppy I was when I entered the game and tryed to get to an instance with my guild. You had luck with the instance not found, we were stuck 2 hours till a GM helped us, then I got stuck in bg too.
    By the way, congratulations on managing to defend Tyrande from the horde attack, we couldn’t… we managed to get them at first, but then they waited till half of all the alliance player left and rezz and killed us all, Tyrande too. I personaly think the achivements for killing other faction’s bosses is kind of stupid and annoying. I think if people want to PvP, there are bgs, they can turn their pvp on, there are many options whitout ruining outher people’s game experience and fun

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