Random Rogue Tidbits, and biscuits

I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but unlike most forms of waterwalking, Sprint is not removed by mounting up. Combine this with the temporary Hallow’s End Broom mount and you get about 14 seconds of potential fun skimming across water at 100% speed increase.

Not that it really matters, as Sprint is a 70% increase already, so it really doesn’t add that much, but I thought it was kindof fun to notice. And yes, I do love my Minor Glyph of Blurred Speed.

The trusty MMO-Champion posted an article about patch 3.0.3 and some Blizzard rep statements – which finally includes some statements about the rogue class. There’s a few mentions about Fan of Knives and how they want to give us Area Effect damage without making it a regular part of a damage rotation (so not quite Whirlwind for Rogues, just almost); mind you, we’ve been told this before, but the idea that they’ll lower the cooldown is, at least, nice. I love the idea of it and someone told me I’ll love the look and feel of it too, so I very much look forward to reaching level 80 to try it. Maybe it’d give me something to do when defending faction leaders and whatnot too. Other than, you know, stun someone, lag to peices and then die.

There’s a few notes about Hemorrhage – personally I’m not too fussed, being Subtlety and basically using it by default since I don’t get all the Sinister Strike-boosting talents. Hemorrhage costing only 30 energy for me in Wrath due to talents will likely be quite nice, however. I actually don’t like the sound of Sinister Strike nearly as much either, and I like to pretend I’m more utility than just pure damage, so I like Hemorrhage anyhow.

Apparently the Lightning Reflexes change isn’t happening, however. I’d complain that it should have a greater effect being further down the tree, but it feels a tad of a moot point as our parry talent is both cheaper and better than it used to be. It’d be nice to see Lightning reflexes get the same treatment, but I’d imagine it’s not all that likely. I’ll live with it. On a random note, I did note that I now get more avoidance from +5 parry rating than +5 dodge rating, and the difference is only likely to go up.

Still no mention of Honor Among Thieves – I’m curious whether they’ll simply leave it as-is or actually have it in mind. I get the feeling that most of the rogue community isn’t too enamoured with Subtlety at the moment and thus that no one is really interested in it and its potential. I’m hoping to jump into a raid situation where I can see it perform soon enough. I’m curious just how high the combo point generation can climb in a 10-man situation, whether it remains on 5-man levels or ramp up something crazy.

Finally, I was linked to the WoWhead entry for the agility version of the Darkmoon card of Greatness. Yes I very much want this item in Wrath. Gief nau!


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