Fear the Darnassian HAT

So there was another evening with instances all but dead and, as probably should be expected, another attack on Tyrande Whisperwind. I came to utterly love Dismantle as I – at about 4 frames per second – did a suicidal Shadowstep straight to their Paladin tank, hit Dismantle and then utterly got blasted by all manner of area damage and whatnot. But that tank went down almost instantly after that, and by the time I’d managed to pick myself up again, the attack was routed. So I’m feeling somewhat proud of myself at playing a potentially pivotal role.

That said, like I’ve stated before, I can’t help but take the assaults somewhat personally. I know there’s a rate of progression and all that, and that after Velen, Tyrande is basically the second easiest to assault. But part of me so very much want to stand up and tell the would-be “mighty” Horde to grow a pair. I know that we’re hardly any better offensively, but being generally all defensive when it comes to attacks on cities, my perspective is skewered as such.

Somehow, I’ve gotten this impression that on roleplaying servers, most Orc players are like most Paladin players: they want the credit for being good and hounourable, but not put in the actual effort of living up to it. Both Paladins and Orcs need far less people yelling about goodness at the top of their lungs and more that simply do good things. Then again, I think that accounts for most combinations of race and class really. Balance knows I’ve been doing alot of quiet grumbling about people who say there should be more “traditional” night elves and decrying the many of the so-called Stormwind elves.. .while in the same breath also happily stating they’ll continue playing their own Stormwind elf.

Right. Well. Whatever.

There’s better news than complaints and whine on my end. MMO-Champion had another quote from Blizzard representative Ghostcrawler; multiple ones in fact, but I’ll only quote the one most relevant:

We have done a lot of testing recently, and concluded that even with this change, Assassination rogues are likely the top dps spec in the game against single bosses that don’t move around a lot (like Patchwerk). This isn’t a bad place for them to be. They pay a small price both for being melee (where more damage tends to occur) and for lacking the ability to respec into a non-damage build. We don’t think they will be as far above hybrids as they have been before — as I’ve posted before, it’s very important that hybrid classes do higher dps now that their buffs do not stack.

Combat builds, especially swords, is competitive but probably behind Assassination. This is something we’d like to address, especially if it turns out to be a major difference between the specs. Additional armor does hurt Combat, but also remember it’s just raid bosses and not other players (or trash or heroic bosses).

Subtelty, sadly, is just much harder to test since so much of their damage relies on other players. Our preliminary evidence is that they generate plenty of combo points from Honor Among Thieves, but this might mean their personal dps when not in a group suffers. This is something we’re still testing.

I will add that some players have wondered if Honor Among Thieves is bugged since the cp can occur more often than 1 sec. In this case, the tooltip is just unclear. When Jimmy the Shaman crits, he cannnot “send you” a combo point more often than 1 per sec. But if you have lots of players critting all the time, you can build them up quickly. So Honor is (here it comes) working as intended.

Finally some words on Honor Among Thieves! The direct lack of combo points when solo hasn’t really touched me any – I have Setup to more than make up for the loss, so I still basically have the full package. HAT still procs on my own critical ability hits, so I still have it (and its wonderful sound) around even when solo. The statement that HAT is not bugged is a great relief – it means that one of my new favorite talents is not going to suffer a huge function-breaking fix anytime soon. And, being able to generate four sudden combo points in a split second is, in fact, working as intended.

It’s bursty by design, but between that and Setup, I expect to have a lot of combo points to play with in a 10-man raid situation when off-tanking. Compare this to feeling like I could barely get all that many at all pre-3.0.2, and Honor Among Thieves is essentially the return I get for the huge loss in avoidance.

I’m still debating Major Glyphs for Wrath. Rupture and Evasion are more or less set, so the debate is between Ghostly Strike (+40% damage, +4 sec duration, +10 sec cooldown) and Hemorrhage (debuff provides 40% more benefit). The first option makes Ghostly Strike slightly more efficient for duration over time, but slightly less efficient for damage over time. The latter simply boosts raid damage.

I should probably look around for threat calculation threads or mods at some point in the near future, too; I’m curious whether the Hemorrhage debuff causes additional threat or not, and if so – by how much.


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