Sneaksy titleses – chapter two page titles

Since I’m on a roll, I thought I’d add the chapter two page titles too. Same applies as the chapter one rundown – this might spoil things if you’d rather figure these out for yourself sometime.

Conveniently enough, they also offer quick links back to every page in chapter two.

#33 – “That First Step..”
I’m not sure if the saying “watch that first step” has any paticular origin. Seeing what happens in this page however, I thought it was appropriate. (Morridune the dwarf even says “and one more thing..watch that first step..” towards the end of the page)

#34 – “Crawling Forth from the Depths”
Boring factual title, more or less. Refering to leaving Blackfathom Deeps.

#35 – “Small Talk”
Small talk is, by Wikipedia, defined as conversation for its own sake. In this case, it’s a double reference as there’s a joke about size on Tiny’s expense occuring in the page itself.

#36 – “Attempted Delivery”
As we’re back in Maestra’s Post, the first page title we have is a reference to a postal service term. In this case, delivery (of information) failed as recepient (Te’len Nila) was not to be found (was busy being kidnapped).

#37 – “Clerical Error”
A clerical error is an error on the part of an office worker. In this case, it serves as a double reference: firstly that a “worker” (Delgren) within the Post (-al office) is blamed, secondly that Delgren – being a Paladin – could technically be considered a form of Cleric.

#38 – “Post-Mission”
Post mission (“after mission”) as we’re past our first task, and because we’re at the post. Yes, I took it that far.

#39 – “Life in the Cobbled Lane”
Play of words on the expression / song “Life in the Fast Lane”, as we’re essentially on a cobbled road.

#40 – “Perchance to Dream”
A completely out of context quote of a phrase from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The original context speaks of death. In Beyond the Tree, it heralds the second Tyrande Dream.

#40b – “An Obvious Distraction”
This was a filler page, so I thought it was a rather fitting title. Though I’m sure it’s been used long before then, my core inspiration from it comes from a Sonic the Hedgehog-based sprite comic I once saw but have since forgot where, to escape the wrath of Sonic and Knuckles (for reasons that escape me), Tails points behind them and goes “Look! An obvious distraction!”.

#41 – “Running with Wolves”
The page that introduces Raene Wolfrunner. Can also be considered a play of words on Dances with Wolves.

#42 – “Taking a Hike”
A fairly boring page title, pretty much based around the statement “Take a Hike”, generally a way of saying “Go away”.

#43 – “Third Degree Land”
This page takes place in a region called Fire Scar Shrine, the page title is a reference to third degree burns, as the land is scorched and broken.

#44 – “Death by Irony”
A pretty boring page title in itself, made more funny by the actual ironic death (complimentary of Hani Foonmall) a cultist suffers in this page.

#45 – “We Didn’t Start This Fire..”
Reference to a song by Billy Joel. It’s worth mentioning that the European World of Warcraft community team picked up and continued this particular reference with lyrics from the song when linking to this particular page in one of their World of ComicCraft updates, a fact that was much to my approval and glee.

#46 – “The Source of the Nila”
A reference to the River Nile, specifically the long and once hotly debated search for its source.

#47 – “I’m Awake, I’m Awake”
“I’m Awake, I’m Awake” was one of the unit acknowledgements for the Druids of the Claw (bear druids) in WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos (there’s an escort quest from Darkshore to Ashenvale where the sound clip figures in World of Warcraft, too). Te’len Nila is hardly a Druid of the Claw, but she is a druid, so I thought it was fitting. (as she wakes up again in this page)

#48 – “Rest is for the Weary”
A very boring play of words on the (apparently biblic) saying “no rest for the wicked”.

#49 – “Ever Dream of Me”
A reference to the song Ever Dream of Me by Nightwish.

#50 – “Well Rested”
Refers to the Well Rested state your character gains in World of Warcraft when resting at an inn.

#51 – “Thank You, Miss Exposition”
Being basically a page intended as a recap of things that have happened so it’s easier to figure which details are important and not, this page title is a play on the Mr Exposition trope. (though arguably, none of the characters involved actually carry that role)

#52 – “By the Way”
A pretty boring title, serving very much as a “by the way..” in the plot as such, so the title is mostly just factual.

#53 – “Down the Road”
Another rather boring title, though it could be interpreted in a fair bit of ways – the characters are walking down a road, talking about things that likely won’t be developed on until, well, further down the road. Ahem, yes.

And that’s all of them. Chapter three has only just started, so it’ll be quite awhile before you get a similar rundown about the titles present there. Still, I’ll probably keep doing these kinds of explainatory link posts just as I do retrospects when a chapter is over.


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