Express train to New Ghoulia

With the Scourge Invasion event in full run, it was only a matter of time before people started trying to make the very most of it in their own ways. Some of the more entrepreneuring members of Earthen Ring got a series of Ghoul Attack invents going before long, and I’ve ended up taking part in two of them so far. With the first target on the list being human lands, I ended up dusting off a gnome warrior character and set to helping the Ghoul Armada as Zomb-Areen the Unliving.

It was a curious endeavour, shuffling around and consuming the living. As expected, We got mightily stomped on in Stormwind, though fared somewhat better when we made tracks to outlaying areas such as a fort in Elwynn Forest (which we temporarily renamed Fort Ghoulia), after being routed from there making our way to Sentinel Hill (Tower Ghoulia), then trying our luck at – and almost immediately kicked out of – Darkshire and finally turning Lakeshire into New Ghoulia before being stomped on at Eastvale.

If anything, I’d say my impression that the organizers tried to push it too hard, tried to play up the damage done a little too much and dragged it on just a little too long. It was a whole lot of fun at start, holding a line before being torn appart, but after awhile it seemed like the steam went out of it. And “winning” as a Ghoul just seemed broken.

Pretending that all of Lakeshire was eaten by Ghouls, well.. that’s just silly. It was fun at first but eventually the calls about Ghoulia became a bit more dry and all the rambling and shambling overdone. It could’ve ended some 30 to 60 minutes earlier and it would’ve felt better, I think.

Second day off, the attack was set on Ashenvale forest, which had me dig up an old Priest class incarnation of Nhani Moonfall and set to protect the defenders. The battle over Astranaar was a whole lot of fun, with us having to do a fair bit of withdrawing into the city before we could declare it safe. The challenge and all seemed just right – though apparently the ghouls didn’t agree. Between a whole lot of scouting and pursuing, we ended up fighting in Auberdine before the main organizer decided to even the numbers through out of character trickery and had the defenders told that the event was over.

And then after some time had passed, they struck again.

Like the first day, it seemed like it was pulled a little too far, and it seems some people were a little too determined at playing up the destruction and mayhem – seeing how dire things already are, I didn’t really see the necessity in it. That one of the organizers – once everything truly was over – tried to overplay just how many dead there were gave me this unpleasant feeling that there were a bit too many involved in this event who less wanted a fun event and more wanted a justification for angst as a style of life.

Not that I want to be too snide, but Nhani stating the remark “You are an emissary of the Cathedral of Light, are you not? Act like one.” felt quite satisfying after all that, declaring exactly which side of the chasm of despair she stands on.

Overall however, I do like the idea Blizzard got running – before this I wasn’t exactly sure how solid Nhani the characters’ motivation would be to go to Northrend. With all this, the Lich King has suddenly jumped pretty high up on her personal list of people who need to die soon. I can’t imagine her not going there now, and I can’t imagine High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind asking her not to go; in my own self-indulgent continuity, I’d like to thing that Nhani’d be one of the people Tyrande’d want the most to be there so she could feel at ease that things will be dealt with properly.

It’s rather interesting to read other opinions on this event – I’ve gotten this impression that non-roleplaying servers have more overall problems with the event than we do, where the ghoul attacks are taking more a form of griefing than anything. Not that we’re immune to that, some people just love doing whatever they can to make things worse for others so long as they can escape repercussions entirely. Nevermind that events like these tends to make it only all too obvious how many actually picked the wrong server.

In closing, I found out that the gear you can obtain during this event – atleast the chest and leggings bits – are all recolours of the old paladin Judgement set. As a result, I’m now cursing the fact that University picked this week to make me the most busy and scheme how to circumvent that fact.


2 Responses to “Express train to New Ghoulia”

  1. 1 bbr
    October 27, 2008 at 10:32


    I’ve been infecting most of shattrath, it’s good fun.


  2. 2 idrial
    October 29, 2008 at 10:26

    yeh, i was on a normal server at the time and , instead of taking it light heartedly, there was swearing and quest-giver killing which was too fun, but overall i think it was a stroke of genius on blizzard’s behalf.

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