The WoW MMO Gaming Mouse

So, while Steelseries still have significant problems with supplying enough of their WoW MMO Gaming mice, I apparently managed to get lucky enough to get my pre-order sent already on the 22:nd, though I wasn’t back to pick it up until yesterday. Having had some time to familiarize myself with it by now, I thought I’d give it a quick rundown for anyone interested, especially since the wait seems like it’ll be until late january or longer for some.

Having used Logitech mice nearly exclusively since before opticals, I’ve grown very accustomed to the somewhat similar shape the Dual Optical, the Mx510 and Mx518 all share. Compared to that.. I still haven’t quite figured out how to wield this new mouse properly – especially with me being used to mousing part with my whole hand rather than just arm and wrist. The way the button placement is you’re expected to have your hand pretty far up on it, and I’m definitely unused to doing that.

On pure hardware function, I’ve heard some people have had issues with squeaky buttons, but there’s been nothing like that for me. Compared to the Logitech Mx518 that it’s replacing, the buttons feel like they have very little resistance – it’s not like you lay your hand down and they click, but at the same time it feels like you can just gently squeeze rather than forcefully click, which’s an odd (but not alltogether bad) experience. The mouse wheel, similarily, seems to have almost zero resistance compared to the Logitech, yet don’t seme to mistrigger that much in spite of it. The mouse itself doesn’t slide entirely as frictionlessly as I expected however, but it hasn’t shown too much resistance either. There’s a whole lot of numbers on how the opical engine is supposed to be awesome and all but let’s be fair. I lack the expertise to distinguish it in any way from the Logitech. Both are accurate, I’m not sure what else I can comment there.

I feel I have to mention the lighting of it – the fact that you can change the colour, intensity and pulse of the innate light – based on which profile you’re using even – is an interesting feature. I could match it right up to the reddish orange backlight of my revised G15 keyboard where both appliances now mix black and gray with orange lighting. It’s definitely a highly stylish peice of plastic, which I admit was part of my reason for wanting one to begin with.

It’s not perfect, however.. there’s one significant issue: the drivers; or rather: the Software.

The configuration display itself is fairly intuitive – once you understand what it actually does – which is mimic keyboard presses. For all the claims of it being built primarily for World of WarCraft, all that really means is that it has a small WoW logo on the mouse itself, that the software looks like the WoW UI and that the default configuration is built with the default key configuration of World of WarCraft as a base – for example, if you set a button to “toggle autorun”, what that button will actually do is simply toggle num lock. This becomes downright silly for some examples like setting a button to dismount where it’ll essentially type out /dismount and hit enter – as you’re watching. Now, I can understand why they picked a solution like that, but to be honest, it seems just a tiny bit silly.

This isn’t the worst thing, however. If it was just that, I could live with it – my G15 keyboards’ extra keys work with keypress macros pretty much the same way, and I’ve grown quite used to using those. The main problem with the Software is that it breaks the mouse4 and mouse5 buttons – if you configure any button to be mouse4 and mouse5 – even the actual mouse4 and mouse5 buttons – Windows stops recognizing them properly; neither World of Warcraft nor the Opera Web Browser could read them with the driver software installed. Uninstalling the software again, buttons 4 and 5 worked just fine, though naturally all the added buttons beyond that no longer did.

I’m assuming that this particular bit is a bug with the current drivers – labeled as version 1.01, dated November 28’th – which will hopefully be addressed in a future release. Since I tend to rely on the mouse4 and mouse5 buttons a great deal through alot of various games and a few other programs (such as the aforementioned Opera web browser), I’m actually running the mouse driverless for now, in the blind hopes that there’ll be a new driver before long that fixes the above issue. For some it’s not going to be a problem since you could just bind those keys to another keyboard macro and use them that way. I’d prefer using atleast them properly however, so I’ll live without all the other buttons until they fix it.

So what’s the final verdict? I don’t know actually – pure hardware there doesn’t seem to be any particular issues with my mouse. I miss the ergonomic shape of my prior logitech, but I get the same kind of weird feeling trying to use a Microsoft mouse nowadays. It’s got a very polished feel and to me it feels fairly quality-ish – for its size and features it’s suprisingly light and yet doesn’t feel like some cheap peice of plastic – not to me atleast. For pure hardware, it definitely seems to have alot of potential hiding within it.

That said, much of the potential seem to be locked away by a rather gimicky software that feels rushed and ill thought-through – though I realize Blizzard are very restrictive on ways you can interact with their games on a base level, if all the drivers are going to do is keyboard emulation, then I would’ve sooner like to see some kind of integrated WoW UI Mod that uses hidden actionbars or somesuch instead rather than tying out commands directly. It still works as it is now and I can see potential for it, though the touted interoperability with World of WarCraft seems to be the actual gimick of the product, rather than the product itself.

For me so far, the main hampering line of the mouse is that the drivers actually limit the functionality of two additional “actual mouse buttons”. So far, I’m hoping that Steelseries will use their production delays to give their present driver and software package a much needed revision – presently it seems both the main limit for any potential it might have, as well as its main achilles heel.

Update 1’st january: It seems Steelseries have been busy and gotten their drivers working properly – I can use mouse4 and mouse5 with the drivers running no problem now. I was going to make a revised rundown, but I haven’t quite figured out what to use all buttons for yet, so you’ll have to wait ’til I’ve figured out how to properly harness this beast of a mouse. Gives me time to get more used to it, too.


55 Responses to “The WoW MMO Gaming Mouse”

  1. 1 ONE
    December 30, 2008 at 19:18

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We have already fixed the Mouse Buttons 4 & 5 in the new version that will be posted later today at: http://www.steelseries.com/downloads
    Just ensure to delete the existing profiles when asked during uninstall.

    Regarding the tighter integration with the game and being able to remap all buttons in-game into the additional toolbars’ actions:
    1. There is a section under Game Commands -> Action Bar Functions that allows using most of the secondary bars that are set to have shortcuts by default in WoW. Using this you can map any spells/actions to mouse buttons. Alternatively you can create your own shortcuts in WoW and then replicate them using custom macros on the mouse.
    2. We understand that ideally the mouse should be re-mappable in a native way right in the game’s Key Bindings interface, just like with standard mouse buttons or keyboard keys. We are currently discussing this option with Blizzard and it might eventually be added. However there is no final decision and ETA on this yet.

    Thanks again for taking time to post about it – we actually listen to our customers and try to improve what we can.

    Happy New Year from the SteelSeries R&D team!

  2. 2 Muffiny
    January 6, 2009 at 06:30

    I think you are lucky your mouse isn’t getting stuck down.

    Most of my cousins got one also, so including mine we got 5. Two so far out of those five, the left mouse button simply sticks in when you click it. To get it unclicked it needs to be tapped or the button next to it pressed so that it releases and unsticks.

    I’m not even sure if any more of the mice may be doing this, as one remains untested.

    I’ve had to stop using mine, and emails have been sent to steelseries. You are quite lucky if yours is working fine.

  3. 3 Kurt
    January 12, 2009 at 19:04

    I got my wow gaming mouse today and so far has been nothing but crap and trouble!!!

    I have uninstalled my old mouse. Plugged in wow gaming mouse and installed sofrware and drivers from your page.

    As of now the only thing I can use it for is point and click just as I did with my old one..

    Lets look at what the different buttons do in wow:

    1: Left click OK

    2: Right Click OK

    3: Nothing should be assist target according to you

    4: Works ok

    5: Opens Friends List and character phane and opens chat!!! Should be Focus.

    6: OK world map

    7: OK Character phane

    8: Just makes my character say: not enough rage and when I have rage it does nothing..

    9: Same as 8…

    10: Autorun OK but if I bind something else there it makes me a windows warning saying I need some photo software and does nr 5 (see above)

    11: Nothing

    12: opens character phane opens spellbook and opens talent tree AND says Stop attack in whatever chat I used last!!!!!

    13: Nothing

    14: Opens minimap

    15: Opens Big map and talent tree and says dismount in the last chat I used!!

    And to make things even more intresting . No macros work and whatever key I bind in it I can only get 3-4 to work as intended.

    Rest makes a pretty good mix of the above mentions..

    I have tried getting my character profile in there but it don’t help.

    Im running Bartender addon if this helps..

    If I use the keybinder in Bartender addon on this mouse I see that f.eks buttons 10 and 12 comes out listed as Spacebar.

    The only thing that works just fine now is the lights..

    Please respond fast or I will be forced to return this product.

  4. 4 Nhani
    January 12, 2009 at 22:21

    Uhm.. epic reading comprehension fail?

    Ignoring for a moment the fact that most of the things you state as having problems with are due to the buttons using keyboard emulation based on the default World of Warcraft keyboard configuration – something I actually went over as part of my observations of it – if you’re having issues with the mouse, you should actually be speaking with the Steelseries customer support: that’s what it’s there for.

    Demanding a fix on a random blog of someone who ordered a mouse of their own isn’t going to resolve anything at all, y’know 😉

    I can sympathize with most of your issues with it, really – the way it’s designed to work is both a tad misleading and somewhat suboptimal, and seeing by what Muffin said and what else I’ve heard, you might be lucky if you have one where the hardware is functioning properly at all.

  5. 5 Saaji
    January 13, 2009 at 04:51

    I have to say I had the same problem as Muffiny and cousin. The main left click was getting stuck about every 5th press, along with a soft squeak! And although all the options were a bit overwhelming, I grew to really appreciate the richness of the options. I took the mouse back to the store I got it from, more than a little sadly. I should mention that I was not even using it for WoW, but for Warhammer, and I found it very useful. Although it is bigger than I’m used to, I would rather get used to it than do without it (which I have to now anyway).

  6. 6 Kurt
    January 13, 2009 at 08:03

    The post i made here is just a copy of what i have mailed to Steelseries support 🙂

  7. 7 Nhani
    January 13, 2009 at 10:05

    Well it might’ve been an idea to point that out rather than raising the question of your powers of insight, especially with a large part of your issues already explained why they happen in the actual blog post, eh?

    As for the left button, looking at mine now, the left mouse button is pushed down much further than the right, suggesting that mine might end up suffering the same issue of getting stuck too. I’ve been contemplating whether to dare open the thing up and see if I can fix it myself, though for now I’m actually back to my Mx518 until I actually figure out what I want the extra buttons for; with them being a bit less intuitive (and mouse-y) than I expected, I’m not sure what to use them for. The fact that you can’t use them while typing makes them feel a tad odd since mouse buttons normally can when the keyboard can’t.

    Personally, I’d actually prefer it if they’d run with joystick emulation rather than keyboard emulation – it’d make the drivers more complex and means you couldn’t tailor a default configuration the same way, but it’d work more like a mouse that way. The feature of “entering macros like in WoW” is just mislabeled, of course – it doesn’t work like that at all.

  8. 8 Sajocolo
    March 1, 2009 at 10:33

    I just got mine and have the same problems as Kurt and if i create a new macros still opens something in window and says the macros word on screen.

  9. 9 Sajocolo
    March 1, 2009 at 10:35

    Ahh forget to tell that after install the sofware my zboard stop working as it should Thanks steel!

  10. 10 Nhani
    March 1, 2009 at 11:18

    Since people apparently still stumble across this post (nevermind still apparently can’t grasp the idea of keyboard emulation) I thought I’d be helpful and state that Steelseries have apparently released a driver revision (1.03) of the drivers for their beast of a mouse which can be found here.

    The download location doesn’t list any sort of changelog inconveniently enough, but I dug it out of the Steelseries blog and they are as follows:

    – Adjusted buttons and optimized GUI for localized versions.

    – Fixed translations for German localization.

    – Fixed translations for French localization.

    – Fixed translations for Spanish localization.

    – Fixed profile input to handle non-English names. Currently this feature only works if the input language is matching the default (non-Unicode) language set in Windows. This will be fixed with an update next week.

    – Fixed mouse buttons 4 and 5 for non-default assignments.

    – Fixed repeat rate for the Single Key mappings – the buttons are now properly held down.

    New features:

    – Added parallel output for keyboard and mouse events. Now you can hold the button that sends a keyboard key down and use mouse clicks at the same time.

    – Added parallel output for single key mappings and macros. Now you are able to hold the button that sends a keyboard key down and press the macro button at the same time. Note that if the macro contains the same single key that is currently pressed, it will be released after the macro. For example if you keep A down and send a macro ABC, the A will stop. However if you send a macro BCD, the A will remain pressed.

    Seems like I’ll have to give it another try.

  11. 11 Boostah
    March 1, 2009 at 18:20

    Hey Nhani,

    I came over from the Steelseries “fragyou!” blog after seeing you comment there. In that comment you said “What you can do is essentially set the extra buttons as keys or key combinations (such as K or shift-K or whatever) …” A little later on ONE refered back to your comment saying that that was essentially the way to go for people haveing macro issues (I’m simplifying there but you get what I mean hopefully).

    Now (after that long-winded preamble), I had no problems remapping the custom macro feature to be single keystrokes (like k) but what I haven’t been able to figure out is how to do the multiple key assignments that both you and ONE mentioned (like shift+k, alt+k, etc.). Whenever I attempt if it ends up just hitting the keys in succession, not together.

    I know you’re not Stelseries support (I’m trying there too) but since you briefly mentioned it I was hoping you could point me in the direction of the step I’m missing to do the multiple key assignments.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!

  12. 12 Nhani
    March 1, 2009 at 19:06

    Well, when you make a macro, a the bottom you have three radio buttons with the choices “Text(Auto Delay)”, “Record Delay” and “No Delay” – you need to need to set it to No Delay if you want the buttons pressed (atleast somewhat) simultaneously as a combination. It seems to default to Text whenever you create a new macro, so you you have to mind the setting whenever you create a new macro like that.

  13. 13 Boostah
    March 1, 2009 at 19:52

    Thanks for the response Nhani! (it was waiting for me when I got back from buying groceries).

    I responded on the Steelseries blog, since it seemed like the right place for the mouse discussion.

  14. 14 plati
    May 24, 2009 at 05:13

    Hi the new wowmouse software 1.05 doesnt work on my pc
    Can someone plz send me the 1.03 software pls!! 😦
    my msn acc or email is m1oddworld@gmx.net or pls a link to download


  15. 15 wow mouse fan
    March 30, 2011 at 10:25

    I have found a method that works excelent for setting up keybinds with the wow mouse.

    I used the steelseries software and bound the wow mouse buttons to “special action buttons 1-10” or “secondary action buttons 1-10”

    At which point i just used bartenders keybinding option to bind buttons to one or more of my secondary action bars. Also the wow interface keybinding works the same way.

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