Campy Bells and Mechanical Monstrosities

One of my Yelnenu cronies expressed it as the most Out of Character mount old Nhani Moonfall has ever been sat upon. As much as I agree with that, riding around with it I’ve not been able to shake this feeling of “This is really Awesome!”

Some days I wish I could’ve found that kind of affection for a gnome character instead, but it was not to be (gnomes can unfortunately not heal, anyhow.)

I’ve actually not been playing World of Warcraft much lately – between catching up on a slew of other games as well as busy with other things (and keeping Beyond the Tree updated) and regular spells of tiredness or headache have left it shorthanded. I’m still intending to get back into it, especially with the monumental change in kill reputation gained, but I’m not sure when that’ll be. Standing hope is “soon”, and hoping it won’t be the the long kind of soon.

I haven’t taken the time to give 3.0.8 a too extensive – or awake – try yet, so I’m not sure what issues with Rapture and Shield they’re hotfixing, or what’s up with Prayer of Mending that is claimed to be broken. I know that a fellow Priestess that forays more into the ways of the Holy tree said that there was some bug with Spirit of Redemption lasting only four seconds rather than 15, but I haven’t seen any mention of that either. It seems like I picked a rather poor time to focus away from the game.

What does interest me however is that there’s apparently a Blizzard rep quote going:

We have some exciting changes planned for priests. Many of them will make it in 3.1 (Ulduar). We hope to have them finalized enough to be able to announce some in the next couple of weeks, but that date might not work out for a number of reasons.

I have no idea what exactly these supposedly exciting changes are. I’m not exactly expecting the class to explode into a massive volley of flowers and victory that can blast the light of Elune to every corner of the world simultaneously, but I feel ever more convinced that most if not all of what I love about the Disc tree is intentional – Blizzard aren’t going to un-make my beloved spec for something else. They might manage to make Holy more interesting, I suppose, but at this rate it feels a bit like they’d have to give Holy the ability to Ion Cannon things into oblivion or pummel things with moonglaives or bows before I’d care.

On a completely flip note of things, my University brought by veteran game developer and co-author of one of our study books Ernest Adams for a quick lecture and group assignment, and I was pleasantly suprised to hear him refer to the Hero’s Journey during the very short stop he did on storytelling in games. While I’m not so ignorant as to think that I’m a rarity for having read Joseph Campbells’ The Hero with a Thousand Faces (the book expressing Hero’s Journey) nor to think that Campbell was right in every single detail – I think I can fairly say that no other source has affected my view on the mechanics of character building and storytelling as that book. I maintain that one of my main influences in how the plot and character arcs of Beyond the Tree are laid out are reflections of what I brought with me from Campbells’ work.

I put my own spin on a fair bit of it, of course, but hearing that one of my key sources of inspiration is rather widely accepted in the entertainment industry as a solid basis to work with is heartening.


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