Contemplative Contemplations

Yes, no Beyond the Tree update today – you’ll have to forgive that. I’m writing this with the faded but still very much active remnants of a pounding headache – I’ll assemble #81 when I concentrate properly again, for now you’ll have to live with my incoherent rambling.

So there was this whole Lunar Festival gig starting yesterday. With “Elder” pretty much being the Nhani Moonfall title (unless they add something like “Champion of Tyrande Whisperwind” or somesuch. *cough*) at the moment, I sparked off fairly quickly with a powerful intent to obtain it. Though I expected it’d be a project that’d take me awhile, I actually ended up blitzing all the achievements right up to the title in a single day with help from my fellow Yelnenubs. It’s definitely nice to have done, though it did leave me without a short-term goal again, so I’m back to drifting until I find something I really want to acomplish.

Interestingly enough, one of my main worries – the Horde city elders – turned out to be no trouble at all. The only one that had any form of incident was, predictably, Orgrimmar, and even so it wasn’t a very major one – with Yelnenus’ protection-specced Paladin in tow, it actually resulted in a rather epic run out of the back entrance of Orgrimmar with something like ten guards, a level 80 elite and a level 80 hunter all in tow. What really did amaze me was that my trusty Paladin guard was barely taking any damage – Shield and Renew was more than enough to keep her heatlh at max.

I could fully understand her expressing “have I said I love my class?” after, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t the least bit jealous – right then and there I really wished I was playing a class that can stand up to that degree of punishment, or atleast wasn’t built out of the very essence of fragile glass and brittle bones. I kindof envy tank classes in that regard – not only in durability, but they also can do a whole lot of damage now. Big question is, then, when do priestesses get that overhaul too?

I feel a little like I’m kindof on holdout – just sticking around for raids and the odd heroic while waiting either for a goal or to see what Blizzard is intending to do with my class and spec; I wish I knew where it’s heading and what exactly I can hope for. Without a direct goal and feeling like I’ll need to wait before I can push the limits with how much damage I can take, I’m not sure where I’m headed – and I’ve really just decided to stay away from PvP because it just seems like it’ll be too frustrating and not lighthearted enough.

Never mind that I wasn’t all that good at it to begin with.

Some days, I really wish I’d been able to get into a more lighthearted and less serious character – with Nhani there always seems to be some level of second-guessing everything – what message does doing something send, does it risk undermining her position, do I have a convenient excuse for her, soforth. Sometimes grind is just grind, but somewhere in the back of my head I try to always have an excuse on hand. Which makes things like my Mechanostrider mount difficult to truly revel in as they may not seem like they bring across the proper message.

Now don’t get me wrong – I do like Nhani as a character, she can be great to make use of. The problem per se is that I can’t just go loose with her – she can’t just shrug away any and all responsibility. It’s a good character trait, but also sometimes a highly bothersome limitation.

Doesn’t help that there’s been very little interaction with her extended family as of late, but that’s as much my fault as anyones’.

I’m still a little at a loss on where to best assemble up funds for all manner of ideas, items and goodies. Skinning is seemingly very weak in that respect – the only really worthwhile proceeds there being the rare Arctic Fur, with very little else actually selling that well – or for that much. I’ve been considering shifting it, but I really like the idea behind the Minor Anatomy bit added, though I’d probably earn a whole lot more from either mining or herbalism. I used to have herbalism once, actually – long before I ever picked up tailoring. I’ve kindof had a falling out with it though – not sure why, but I somehow simply don’t like it.


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  1. 1 bamflux
    January 26, 2009 at 07:27

    That picture is adorable 😛

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