The Valentine Wallpaper Thing

Right, so the above apparently managed to infiltrate Blizzard’s european Valentine’s picture contest; I intended to put it up after the contest was over from the start, but I’d feel somewhat less self-concious about doing it if it hadn’t been picked. Less risk of feeling like someone might get a “Ha Ha, in your face” message from the gesture, I suppose. I was actually curious if anyone’d pick up on anything familiar – though I might be out on a tad thin ice saying it, I thought the overall “style” (as such – here meaning way of lighting and post processing) ended up looking like pretty much everything else I make, and most similarely 3D rendered art I see tend to look different depending on what areas of expertise people have and what they prioritize. For example – there’s another of the english winners that I’m pretty sure was made by one of the modelviewer forum regulars which’s also visibly made using 3D rendering and is – to me – stylistically very different, in the way of handling lights and after effects.

Overall for my own contribution, I wanted something funny and yet adorable, that was absurd and yet could strangely make sense within the context provided. Deciding that opposites attract was a generally well-used archetype for this sort of thing, I thought a fire elemental and a water elemental was about as opposite as you could get. That was mostly funny though, so I decided to have a mage and a shaman in the backdrop to add context and just that much more sweetness, and then off it went. Some poses changed, some things were tweaked.. at some point I considered the fire elemental holding the present.. and at another point, I was considering putting the heart chocolate peice in an iceblock.

Though to be fair, I envy the idea behind the english Lich King contribution. Not really all that romantical, but it had me laughing, especially being able to imagine the voice. I wish I could come up with simple ideas like that.

One of my fellow Yelnenubs also entered the the competition but unfortunately didn’t win; while it’d be highly amusing if we both had snagged a winning spot I didn’t expect it to happen, though I did however think he had a greater chance than me though seeing that unlike me he can actually draw (and well at that!).


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