I couldn’t think of a good title (so I just posted some whine)

I’ve been on something of a break from World of Warcraft as of late – part waiting for patch 3.1 and the many changes and additions it brings, part taking the time to catch up on and experience other games, and.. well.. part just plain avoiding it. Make no mistake, I miss my Yelnenu cohorts when not showing up regularely, but then there’s the matter of the rest of the realm.. There’s been things brewing, I’m told. Events. Stuff. Whatever. Maybe it’s my ever growing pessimism and bitterness combined with just having had a great deal to do.. but for every new thing I hear about it.. I feel less and less inclined to participate.

I’m not sure what it is. I should be happy that there’s night elven things happening but.. well.. somehow I question the night elf part of it. I know well I’m biased, but I can’t help feeling that we’ve been through all of it, step for step, several times already, and the only reason it can even happen again is because the first few times never left a mark, and because the people responsible then never really have any repercussions for it, nor ever really learn from it.

Of course, this opinion isn’t helped by hearing that there’s apparently another of those leading council things forming, this time over Darnassus, one of the notable members being one of those “I am a badass Demon Hunter” fellows – worse yet, one who happily exclaimed to be in exile from night elven lands and personally hunted by Staghelm. And stuff. Yes, I’m sure he’ll make a smashing council member. Of course, I only know so much of the details so it’s easy to fill in the gaps for the sole purpose of ridicule, but sometimes they make it far too easy.

I do note I’m more touchy than otherwise, and I’m not entirely sure why. My going guess, however, is simply a combination of exhaustion and oversaturation. Anyone calls for Nhani for any kind of RP.. it’s doom and gloom. Epic terrible events caused by people who are either throwaway alts or are never affected, never learn and never take responsibility. And the few resonable are left with the actual trouble. Always. Without fail. And with any other interaction virtually nonexistant by comparisson, I simply don’t have patience for it anymore.

Story happens between characters, notably character relationships. Some of my most memorable RP moments were always small, simple and touching things. All these huge, epic things rarely mean anything but getting stuck with dirty laundry – sometimes they really do promote growth, and I am quite aware I’m highly pessimistic by default, but I have a feeling there’s a great deal lacking in terms of build and development. Not only is the world understandably static, so many characters seem to be, too. There’s simply not enough moments I consider fun, just way too much drama and trouble and infinite Let’s Make Things Worse Yay.

But that’s enough complaining.

I’ve been playing this thing called Drakensang, an apparently german-made game (though my linguistically apt cohorts inform me that the title is actually improper german but proper dutch. Imagine that). The friend of mine who recommended it to me described it as “Neverwinter Nights 2, but actually good”, and this far in I’d definitely buy that reasoning. The system is a tad obfuscated, but there’s none of that n spells per day malarky, and mana (or “Astral Energy”) regenerates – as does health, actually. And both of them regenerate much faster once out of combat. Persistent damage is instead handled through debuffs, notably Wounds, and even Critical Wounds (though some poisions has been annoyingly stubborn too until I got an appropriate spell to deal with them), which is an interesting spin on things.

It’s hardly a riveting story full of depth and emotion, but it serves its purpose, so far. Incredibly for a title this new, only a fraction of the spoken lines are actually voiced. I’m not sure if it was a design choice they made or just running out of time (or space), but I can’t say I mind all that much – especially with the very varying level of voice quality.

I’ve also been playing H.A.W.X., though I haven’t quite decided what I think of it. Yet. Hoping to steal some time from a few classmates to give it a spin in multiplayer, either co-op or not, and see whether that solidifies my verdict any.

I can’t wait for 3.1. Here’s to hoping it’ll provide a cure for lethargy.


1 Response to “I couldn’t think of a good title (so I just posted some whine)”

  1. 1 Arafor
    March 30, 2009 at 09:07

    Sad to hear that you’re not having fun while playing anymore. But don’t worry, just take a break of about 2 and a half week (or until the patch comes) and your curiosity and addiction will suck you right back :3

    Drakensang (or DragonSong as I suppose it would be translated) sounds like fun game. Maybe I’ll give it a spin myself :3

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