Bikin’ Ulduar and other malarky

So another weekend, another round of Yelnenu versus Ulduar. Whether by habit, experience or sheer stubborn determination (or a combination of the lot), we managed a great deal better than our first stumbling steps, swapping the double KOs for far more stable downings. We even took a poke at Razorscale and kicked her down first try without anyone dying, which was hilarious. Of course, then we hit a wall with Ignis.. but he’ll learn not to be so smug, eventually.

Of course, just because, I’ll maintain that a motorcycle driving about two nearly identically dressed night elven Priestesses was instrumental to our success.

The motorcycle is a strange mount – it’s arguably one of the least in character mounts I have for old Nhani Moonfall, even when counting the multiple dragons, the gryphons and the turtle.. but yet it’s one that I really like, part because it has so much character.. The winterspring Frostsaber is still my primary in character mount so far, but it’s just a mount – you get up, you go somewhere and eventually need to ride back. The bike mounts – much like the gyrocopter – have all these things like backpacks and bedrolls hanging around; heck, the bike mount even has a map and a compass in the sidecar! It looks like the kind of thing you’d actually bring while travelling, or where you might actually be storing that tremendeously huge inventory you’re lugging around (since you are lugging alot around, aren’t you?)

Of course, the simple fact that it can pick up a passenger is great. Sure, the mammoth can have two.. but it doesn’t have anywhere near the same travel-factor or awesome-ness of the bike – it lacks all those fiddly details that make the bike grand. (and let’s face it, those extra seets on the mammoth look somewhat uncomfortable.)

On a completely flip note, I’ve signed up Beyond the Tree for that topwebcomics webpage – planning to put the vote button up tomorrow and inform people of it; in the meantime I’ve been hard at work thinking of reader incentatives – pictures it uses to inspire people to vote. Though a good opportunity to post things like early test models, various details on how some things work, wireframe renders or intermissions or what have you, I’ve actually been considering running either flip perspective or spinoff things there. Notably I’ve been considering the possibility of making a Biker Raene series just for giggles, but I have no idea what the actual plot to such a series would be.


2 Responses to “Bikin’ Ulduar and other malarky”

  1. 1 Ilyara
    April 25, 2009 at 13:37

    It occurred to me that the devs did try to put bedrolls and such on Nightsaber/Frostsaber mounts, a few years back, but that it all went a bit wrong.

    I agree with what you have to say about the bike: beyond being all the things a motorcycle represents, it’s a very well designed/functional mount with a great deal of character.

  2. 2 Frostsaben
    April 26, 2009 at 15:05

    Ah, Ulduar, must say it was fun beeing the driver of a demolisher today… as a bunny! Funniest thing today, killing the tank boss while the driver of one of the two vehicles left in one piece is a bunny laying flying eggs 😀

    To be honest I don’t really like the chopper for myself, the only mount that feels like is really carring my 5 filled bags and all equipment is an elekk, at least to me, don’t really know why. The bike is nice, just not really my style, I always thought the only mount that would fit my character’s personality is the old Nightsaber, who was removed from the game when the swift mounts were put in 😦 Seeing the 3 huntresses in Darnassus on one of those makes me really think what would it have been like if I really had one.

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