Cuteness and Chocolates

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So the Noblegarden event started, filling our otherwise murderous everyday World of Warcraft existance with immens levels of cuteness and chocolate. Taking a spin by Azuremyst to sate the demands of my tyrant pet Spring Rabbit, I ran across Earthen Ring’s own Spolli looking absolutely adorable, so I asked her to pause for a moment and pose for the picture above. And while I’m sure some people will take the accessory bunny ears as yet another excuse to dress up in Black Mageweave (you know who you are!), for now I am content in believing that their sole visual purpose is to be adorable.

This is actually the first time I try the Noblegarden event – I didn’t bother the first time around, all there was to gain then was the Elegant Dress, and though Spolli aptly showed it can look good, I’m going to admit I actually don’t like it that much. That said, the Spring Robes I do – atleast with an appropriate shirt (like the white swashbuckler one!). Though to be fair, Spolli said she prefered the Spring Robes herself too!

It certainly seems how much you can enjoy the event coincides with how early you can get up and avoid the rush – I woke up unusually early and had a fun first hour or so before the going tactic became to camp a single spawn site for eggs. I can imagine it’ll be something of a pain if you only play during peak hours.

I have to say one thing, though: this event has really ignited my a cravings for chocolate..


2 Responses to “Cuteness and Chocolates”

  1. April 26, 2009 at 11:33

    Hehe, it seems you found a new friend. I haven’t done anything for noblegarden yet because I’m a Game Matster at http://magic-wow.co.uk/

    That pink bunny is looking adorable indeed, I should get it when I have some time to look up the item ID.

    – Lora

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