Fishing for Something Else

Though I suppose fishing might not be the noblest of causes to apply the banner of Darnassus. In the least it is all for the cause of fish feasts, which perhaps is a more nobler variety of fishing.

While the Noblegarden event will last all the way until saturday, I’m already done with it – I have all the achievements on Nhani (even those not required for the meta achievement) and managed to swing a pair of bunny ears for my stealthily hidden gnome alt because gnome women look adorable in the bunny ears. With that done and the bike achieved, I’m back a little to not having much to acomplish save daily quests or reputation grinds, which offers more time for other things but threatens to leave me without any direct project to acomplish on my own in World of Warcraft again, and I don’t feel the need to leap back into my gnome alt just yet.

Though I do get the feeling I’ll need to spend a fair bit of time stalking around Stormwind in the near future, hunting backdrops for coming elements of Beyond the Tree. I’m a little concerned about taking on Stormwind in it to be honest, because I’m not sure how to make it appear crowded and cluttered while still having rendered and non-rendered characters interact well. I guess it’ll just be something I’ll have to experiment with.

On the topic of Beyond the Tree, so far atleast it seems like signing it up for the Topwebcomics page might prove to be a good idea – it’s already leapt up to #234’th place (starting at around #800 or so), meaning it’s on third page and – supposdly – at 133 votes; still some way off from the ~500 needed for the top 100, but still noteworthy considering the low span of time it’s been there – though that largely depends on how the count works. Whether it’ll actually generate traffic is a whole different question, but that’s largely in wait and see territory. I do have ideas for the next voter incentative already, though whether it’ll be that or not largely depends on if I finish the modelling and texture work required for it. Failing that, I’ll just try to whing something else that might be interesting.

I’ve been playing Chronicles of Riddick as of late – the new one, Dark Athena. I decided to preorder it in spite of the hugely invasive and resentful manner with which the copy protection treats the user. Interestingly enough, the scheme isn’t all that different from, say, that of Bioshock, except for where Bioshock kind of gently told that they would let you redeem installs in a very “please don’t hurt us angry gamers” way, Atari stomps down the path and goes “hah! no extra installs for you!”. So I guess actually purchasing the game qualifies me as weak-willed at best.

The visuals have definitely been ramped up; the characters don’t quite seem as expressive as some we’ve seen, nor as naturally so, but it’s definitely pretty, and playing Vin Diesel as the Biggest Badass in Space certainly has its charm, to the point where I happily cheer with glee when he delivers lines that in any other case would sound overdone at best and totally rediculous at worst. (Or maybe that’d be Riddickulous, har har). Seeing the original Escape from Butcher Bay remade was grand, and it added many changes that were downright lovely (though a few that was more of a bother – the guard suits now seem to have twice the turn rate from before, and no longer seem to react to the stun gun). The ability to counter melee attacks is great, though I had to go through the Dark Athena tutorial to actually be told how it works, so I might play through the first part again with this increased knowledge. The addition of finishers is also interesting, though highly brutal – I’m not entirely sure how they’re triggered, by the first time Riddick grabbed some antagonist inmate, stabbed him twice in the gut and then once on the eye, all in first person view, I winced.

I liked the first though, and it’s grand to be swinging into same old again, plus with some additions that are quite welcome. I had a real framerate issue in places playing through the Butcher Bay segment at first, but when starting the Dark Athena portions I finally pinpointed it down to having enabled a setting called On Screen Occlusionsomethingorother, which in hindsight points out that if a game leaves a performance setting off even when you set graphics to high, it may be wise not to turn it on. I didn’t notice any immediate change in graphic quality when turning it back off, but an incredible jump in framerate, which helped a great deal.


1 Response to “Fishing for Something Else”

  1. 1 Raz
    April 28, 2009 at 16:18

    You’ll be pumped up on multiplayer with Dark Athena. Especially Pitch Black Mode.

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